Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Shower for Mom

Whether you're the mom of one child or ten, one of the things that can be hardest to fit into the day is a shower. If you don't take one right away, once the day begins and the kids wake up, finding time to cut away for even just five minutes is very difficult (at least for me!). Are you in the same boat?

An ad in a magazine cited that showering at night is a great idea, not only to unwind from the day and relax under the hot water, but also because at night your skin is better able to hold in moisture. Especially with dry winter weather approaching, keeping in the moisture is a good thing! The ad suggested replacing a morning shower with an evening shower.

For some reason, though, I haven't made the switch to night-time showers. I think it's partly because I'm usually so tired, I just want to go to sleep. Plus, I don't like going to bed with wet hair, and I really don't want to dry it then.

If I was really on top of my game, I would shower right away in the morning. It helps wake me up and gives me an excitement for the day. I'm out of the gate and running, so to speak. I feel like I'm getting ready to start my workday, and there is a certain buzz about that (even if it's strictly psychological).

Yet, as a full-time mom and homemaker, many days it's just easier to start the day without a shower. I like to wake up and make coffee, read my Bible, then start breakfast. Then it's time to clean up the kitchen, have the kids get dressed (and me if I'm still in my robe), do some chores, start school, and on and on. Once the day's off and running, the only time I find I can get a shower in is in the afternoon when two of my three boys are napping. (My oldest son is either looking at a book, playing a computer game on, working on a craft project at the table, or playing quietly by himself for a few minutes).

That's what works for me right now, but this Coffee Talk Thursday, I'd love to hear what works for you. Are you a night-shower person, or morning, or somewhere in between? What do you like about it? (Maybe you can even convince me to become a night-time gal!).


  1. I shower at night...but I also get up at 615am, get a 2yr old ready and drive 60 miles between dropping him off and getting to work. It works best for me. Another thing to consider, do you want to go to bed (where you lay your head and body) with the days yuck on you?? I'm not a total germaphobe, but somewhat. I wouldn't even touch my sheets with day clothes. So, think about where you have been (grocery, etc)before you get into the bed without a shower. Hope it helps!

  2. Ya, Im in the same boat! I try really hard to get up early and get ready before the kids get up. So much easier, and I love waking up to my shower. But there are days when I move slower! And on those shower until nap time! Hopefully my in laws learned their lesson, stopping bye, unannounced, and I was having one of those shower-less days! ha!

  3. I have been showering at night for some time. However, I also have a shower schedule so only shower 3 days/week (my hair does best with this number of washes, my son is on the same schedule, and it ensures I don't go a week w/o - I do take an extra shower if needed). My son is 13 months and we're expecting our 2nd in a month. It is just so much easier to set aside time at night. I was trying to shower during nap time, but decided I'd rather get a nap also :)

    Showering at night also means no limit on the shower time. So if I've had a particularly difficult day, I can take my time in the shower and really let it be relaxing to me. However, I recently had my hair cut shorter and so night time showers do NOTHING for my I'm going to have to switch to morning.

    Even so, I highly recommend the night time shower. I usually just wrap my hair with an old t-shirt tied around my head to help my hair dry and curl (it's naturally curly) on it's own.

  4. I love to take a nice long hot shower at the end of the day to wash away both the grim and the stress of the day before crawling into bed...I like to use this quiet time to gather my thoughts and think about the blessings that were hidden behind the choas of day to day activities.

    I also love a nice hot shower to get the day started refreshed and renewed...and before the new baby I would do both when ever I not so much lol

    As for your hair, perhaps you could try alternating day and night. It is not really required to wash your hair daily, actually it is not good for it to be washed and blow dried so often...So work out how long you can go between washes and for that many NIGHTS use a shower cap...then the days you need to wash your hair have a morning shower or "nap time" shower.

    I hope you find the right time so you can enjoy this time to pamper and spoil yourself without interruptions...I wish this for all us mothers of little ones :)


  5. If I'm showering just to get clean, I will do it when my 3 and 5 year olds are eating breakfast. But if I want to relax and pamper myself a little more, I'll do it right before bed, after finishing up all the nightly chores. It makes me feel a little more prepared for the next day to do it at night, but sometimes you just need to not have greasy hair!

  6. I have always preferred night showers, but right now I am training for a half marathon and my run time is during nap time a few days a week, so the showers have been coming during nap time. Eventually I will get back to night showers, it is just a few weeks until the race. I do like the night showers for a few reasons, mainly being you take them for as long as you want no time demands.

  7. I've always been a morning shower person, but this year I've been out at the barn feeding horses for a riding school three times a week, and I come home STINKY. So, the first thing I do at 6-7 pm is get into the shower. Turns out it's completely refreshing and my hair is able to dry before I go to bed. For a while I also included a quick morning shower, but have skipped it a few times now and still felt clean and tidy through the day. This saved me a precious 20 min. in the early morning! My kids are teens now, but maybe for those with little ones it might be a time dads are home and enjoy a few minutes to play with the kiddos. Kerry D.

  8. I have four children: 5, 3, 2, and 3 months, and I've never missed a shower! I get my shower after everyone has had breakfast and we've read our Proverb of the day. The oldest is now at school, the two middle ones are playing together, and most of the time, the baby is napping. I leave the door of the bathroom open so that I can hear everything that is going on. You could always put a baby monitor in whatever room your children are playing in if it makes you feel better. I was my hair every other day, and right now, about three times a week, I have to pump. I found five years ago that I get a better return if I have a warm shower first, so it just kind of the way my shower worked into my routine. Everyone else gets dressed after I finish and we go on about our day. There are some days that I have to shower in the evening because of an afternoon run, but then I really miss my morning shower!