Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coffee Talk Thursday: Craving His Kiss?

A few days ago, my family and I--along with a few neighbors--were walking back from our neighborhood watch meeting, which is held at our nearby high school. As we walked down the sidewalk in front of the parking lot, we noticed a young teen couple kissing in their car. They noticed us, too, and stopped abruptly, obviously a little embarrassed.

This whole thing made me think about the magic of first kisses.

Do you remember your first kiss (let's focus on our first kiss with our husbands)? Do you remember the feeling that accompanied it? Perhaps the anticipation, the butterflies in your stomach? Then, after the kiss, can you recall how excited you felt that he kissed you, and how you wanted him to kiss you again? Now, a wedding ring, and kids, and years later, do we still crave our husband's kiss? If not, why not?

Do our days become so busy that we become so tired and overwhelmed that a quick peck before he heads out the door and when he gets home is all we can muster? Maybe it seems passionate kisses should be reserved for the bedroom only (after all, little eyes are usually watching).  Perhaps, once married, kissing just seems a little too rudimentary. I don't know what the reason is exactly. I just know that somewhere along the way, I stopped craving my husband's kiss--not entirely, of course, but not in the same way I craved it years ago when our relationship was new. And I don't think that's ok.

While the love and friendship I share now with my husband are much deeper than the early days of our infatuation, I think it is still possible (and desirable) to crave our husband's kiss. So how can we bring that about?
  • Pray about it and ask God to renew those desires
  • Think about those early days of courtship
  • Practice!
  • Spend intentional time thinking about your husband, and specifically what is attractive to you about him
  • Seek to be affectionate

Well, it's Coffee Talk Thursday, so I'd love to hear your thoughts!

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth— for your love is more delightful than wine." (Song of Solomon, 1:2).


  1. I find it so helpful to go back and read love notes, cards and poems that my husband has written me over the years. I also find it helpful to focus on the moment when we are kissing. So many times I am distracted by other things, but when we were first kissing, I was there 100%! :-) I just think about how much I enjoy the feel of his lips, etc and I am good to go.

  2. Wonderfully written. My husband is out of town this weekend, so I find myself missing him and anticipating his kiss more than "normal" since he's not here. But when he returns, I need to work on keeping it that way! =)

  3. What a beautiful post...For me it comes and goes with how exhausted the toddler has me by the end of the day...but then some days if I get a quiet moment to myself, I anticipate his return from work and truly crave that kiss.