Monday, December 27, 2010

Read Your Way Toward a Cleaner House

When I think about the books that have helped me the most in my quest to keep a cleaner house consistently, these three are my favorites.

I absolutely love this book. It presents a relaxed, merciful approach for those of us who are trying hard to get it together. It's not a rigid system that you have to do or die; it's more like sitting down with an organized friend as she helps you evalutate what isn't working for you and how you can change it. Plus, the goal is not a picture-perfect house at all times--it's "relatively neat and clutter free most days." That is like breathing a breath of fresh air. Perfect mercy for those, like me, in need of it!

What I love about this book is that in the beginning of her homeschool journey, Mrs. Rockett was much like me: aware of the need to manage her home more effectively but not sure how to start going about that. So she studied and taught herself, and wrote this book as a way to mentor us younger moms. While it certainly talks about some practical aspects of homeschooling, it's more broadly about living in a house, trying to keep it manageable, while also homeschooling and raising kids. (By the way, she also had three boys!). She also developed a great system for managing paper, which is my downfall. Now I just need to implement it!

This book is practically an encyclopedia. It will talk you through perhaps more than you ever wanted to know about just about everything home related. Reading it inspires you that there really is an art and science to keeping house. You'll learn the right way to do things, and why. Personally, I benefited the most from the beginning of this book: chapters "Easing into a Routine," "Neatening," and "Kitchen Culture" (what you must do to keep your kitchen clean and why).

Those are the top three books that have helped me the most in getting more organized. What are your favorites?


  1. Okay, I have not read any of these books, but they look good. Especially the homeschooling one. After seven years of homeschooling and six children, I am definitely in need of some help balancing it all!

  2. I think I'm going to add the 1st and 3rd books to my reading list for 2011 (plan to read 25 books). I don't homeschool although I wanted to this year. I just really wasn't sure how to even get started or where to go from there.

  3. Hi Stephenie!
    I think you'll really like that book. And I could probably learn from you :)
    DH, I can totally relate to not knowing how to get started. I felt that way a few years ago...I didn't even know "how" to go about it. A friend gave me a copy of an excellent book, I Saw The Angel in The Marble (I see you can still get it on Amazon). I highly recommend it. It talked through different approaches to homeschooling (classical, unstructured/relaxed, ecletic and more) and helped you identify which style most fit you. Maybe I will post on this subject sometime :) Email me if you have more questions!

  4. I just got Karen Ehman's book at your suggestion and l-o-v-e what I'm reading so far. It's going to take me a while to digest everything, though...there's so much good stuff in here. I like that it's written from a Christian perspective, too, but not in a way that is sanctimonious at all. It's very convicting and inspiring. I'm definitely a perfectionist and I get overwhelmed so quickly with all of the stuff that I feel I should be doing. Her "clear the plate" concept is one I need to implement.

  5. I love Home Comforts. I've made a practice of buying it as a wedding gift for those I know will appreciate it.