Thursday, December 22, 2011

A "Good Enough" Christmas

Is it just me, or does this Christmas seem a little different from years past? The house isn't clean enough; the tree isn't decorated enough (the ribbon ran out half-way down, and I have yet to finish it; several ornaments were removed after curious hands broke too many); the baking isn't done; cards aren't even started. My son swallowed a quarter last week and it has yet to make its way out. It's just one of those years.

I could keep stressing about it all and the lack of being the way I want it to be. Or I could relax and realize it is good enough and enjoy it as it is.

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I often wonder what Mary thought two-thousand years ago, as she prepared to give birth to her baby boy, in a place and circumstance that wasn't quite good enough. Far from home, in an unfamiliar town, with unfamiliar people. No family around. Her mother was not there to help her give birth, probably not even a mid-wife. And the location? Giving birth to God's Son in a dirty stable? Laying a newborn in a manger for feeding livestock? You've got to be kidding. Nothing seemed good enough.

And yet it was. Even more than good enough, it was one of the holiest nights (along with the Resurrection) in all history.

So even if things don't seem just so, let's remember what it is that we're really celebrating. Even the most bare-bones Christmas experience is still worlds compared to what the mother of Christ herself experienced. It's not about the fanfare. It's about the event.


  1. Thanks for the reminder... really struggling amid chaos ... boxes all over the living room, husband who doesn't want to go to in-laws for the 25th, etc. I needed to read this today!

    Denise in Saskatchewan

  2. I don't usually comment on blogs but had to this time! I feel the same way about this Christmas -our 5th baby is due Christmas Eve, but I've always gone overdue before, so really don't expect to have a Christmas Baby. But even then, it's hard to get into the "Christmas Spririt" - concentrating more on getting ready for baby than thinking about Christmas. But there will always be another Christmas, unless we're in Heaven by then!
    Irene in Missouri

  3. I appreciated this post because I needed that gentle reminder. I need to remember that Mary should be my role model more often, she had many struggles too. I need to remember that Christmas is not about me but about Him. It's not about me but about making a welcome home for my husband and children. It's not about me it's about being able to enjoy the season and remember Jesus is the best reason of all to celebrate.