Monday, June 6, 2011

Drops from the Honey Tree

Remember how Winnie the Pooh always stuck his head in a jar full of honey? Well, one of my sons has been doing something similar. He "collected" the large jug of honey I bought on my last trip to Sam's Club, took it up to his room, hid it under his cowboy hat on his dresser, and occasionally takes a swig or two. The problem with this is that honey's sticky. Very, very sticky. The second problem is that drinking honey this way is messy. So when I'm walking around barefoot, I step on drops of honey in the carpet. If I have shoes on, I don't know I've stepped in honey until I start tracking it through the house and sticking to things. The third problem is--the drops are tiny and indiscriminate, but they're all over...the bedroom, the bathroom, on the stairs, even the handrail coming down the stairs bares the tell-tale stickiness of honey.

So now I have to figure out how to clean this all. Our steam cleaner leaks (a manufacturer defect), and I should probably try to exchange it for a new one. My other idea is to take a rag and some water mixed with baking soda and just work that into the carpet wherever I think there may be a honey spot (they're really hard to see, but you sure know it when you step on one!). I also have to figure out how I am going to keep my son on track with helping me clean it all up, when he would much rather be outside on a beautiful summer day (and his brothers probably will be outside).

New carpet would just be the easiest solution, but I doubt this qualifies as a homeowner's insurance claim. (Kidding). :)

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