Monday, September 26, 2011

The Law of Thermodynamics in our Homes

Hard work on Friday resulted in a clean, orderly house to enjoy for the weekend. A fun Friday night at home gave way to a lazy Saturday morning, which turned into a busy Saturday afternoon, which morphed into an enjoyable evening out with friends. Home late and up early for church. By Sunday afternoon, what had been a nice, neat house had deteriorated beyond recognition. I woke up to a very messy Monday. It was discouraging.

As my husband sought to encourage me, he said that houses--particularly homes with many young children--will vacillate between order and disorder continually. We just have to stay on top of it, or we will find a disaster all the time (and it will be very difficult to climb out of).

I loved what Sally Clarkson wrote last week on this topic,

"We are living in homes where the laws of thermodynamics take place every day–that energy is depleting at a constant rate and everything is moving toward disorder. Knowing this–understanding that it will never change–and give yourself grace. Do not expect perfection. Do not condemn yourself or become angry at your children because they are not perfect."--"The Fallen Kingdom of Home"

A weekend of leisure can certainly be a good thing. But work is a good thing too. Either, taken to an extreme, is harmful. Both in balance is helpful--for our homes and for our hearts.

In a sermon about work, Pastor Mark Bergen of The Painted Door church in Chicago said that God intended work for our joy, as a way barricade us from the negative consequences we would encounter if we ignored our work.  See the book of Proverbs in the Bible for examples. In our homes, too much leisure usually gives us too much mess.

In closing, may we all be encouraged--even in the midst of any disorder in our homes--by Sally's words:

"Walk in grace. Celebrate life. Look for joy in the corners of your life. Always find a friend to pray with, to share life with, who holds your ideals and values. Know that all moms have the same issues–just different puzzles to put together."--The Fallen Kingdom of Home

I will be blogging about work, children, and chores more in the next few weeks.

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  1. Thanks for this post. It is tricky to keep the house orderly with little ones! I had the same thing this weekend the house looked great Friday night, but we did not stop 8 pm last night, and this morning I paid for it. Sent one kid off to school and the little guy and I went to work, but still there are things to try to catch up one. I look forward to your upcoming post.