Monday, May 10, 2010

Aim Is Everything, Or Else...

When watering plants, aim matters. Not too much water on the leaves or the sun can scorch the plants; the water should target the base of the plant so it can reach the roots--but not too much water, or the plant can rot depending on its water needs.

As any mother of boys knows, aim matters. Improper aim can cause any (and all) of the following:
a) a wet toilet seat cover
b) a wet toilet seat (if not lifted when the aiming occurs), making for a real happy mom
c) a wet floor
d) a bathroom that bears the telltale smell of boys with aim gone wild

I have experienced all of the above in my house. While the toilet seat cover can be washed, the seat wiped, and the floor dried, removing the lingering scent of do I say this gracefully?...#1 is a trickier matter altogether. Candles and other air fresheners can mask the scent but not remove it. I've heard that Borax can effectively remove this scent. Just mix some with warm water and scrub the floors (several times, I'm sure, will be necessary). Recently, I've also resorted to spraying my Swiffer Wet Jet to target under the toilet (where one cannot reach without removing it from the floor). My theory is that eventually this will "rinse" the area, and I can then wipe up the liquid that oozes out (yes, I really did just say that. Sorry). :)

That is my Messy Monday tip for the day. Have you found any ideas for conquering the ill effects of improper aim? Or do you have another housekeeping tip that's helped you get it together?
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  1. And I thought I was the only Mom with this smelly problem! My kids are getting older now and we don't have that problem as much anymore, but from the time my boys were little (2 or 3) I put a container of the Clorox wet wipes(they don't have bleach in them, they're just made by Clorox) by the toilet. When the boys missed, they had to clean up after themselves. Success?...not perfect, but it helped.

  2. Thanks for the tips as we're just beginning to deal with the aim issue! :)

  3. AnonymousMay 10, 2010

    HeHe - just starting to train my little guy. He's pretty good so far, but potty time still takes major concentration for him. We'll see what its like when he rushing to get back to playing.

  4. I just flipped to this post right after I read yours:

  5. Doesn't get UNDER the toilet, or the back of the seat, but has some other interesting tutorials as well.

  6. Thanks for the reminder I'm not the only one with 'that' smell in the bathroom. :)

    After a good laugh, I do think your under-the-toilet cleansing method is a pretty good one.