Thursday, May 27, 2010

Homemaking Rules To Live By

Coffee Talk Thursday

Messy Monday merges with Coffee Talk Thursday this week!

Housekeeping habits sure vary from person to person and home to home. We can learn from others' good habits, and seeing bad habits reminds us what to teach our children not to do.

As I think about the housekeeping habits I want my children to abide by, it is my hope that they will help my children to someday be great roommates and super spouses.

So here's my list of "Homemaking Rules To Live By" (I'm sure I'm forgetting some):
  1. Do not put your plates, cups, and silverware in the sink, for someone to wash later. Either load stuff immediately into the dishwasher, or wash it, dry it, and put it away. Do not assume someone else will do this for you. It makes more work for someone else.
  2. After a meal, always ask if there's anything you can do to help.
  3. Always thank the cook for the meal.
  4. Clothes either go in the hamper at the end of the day, or back in a drawer or closet if they can be worn again. Do not just drop your things on the floor.
  5. If you take a hand towel off the towel bar, hang it back on the bar neatly.
  6. If you take clothes out of the dryer, do not just throw them in a heap on top of the dryer. They will wrinkle. Either lay them flat, or better yet, fold them neatly. Imagine what a pleasant surprise this will be for the person (college student, fellow renter, or even just Mom!) who finds them that way.
  7. If you use the last of the toilet paper, change the roll.
  8. Do not eat the last of anything without asking first if you may. Perhaps someone else wanted the last piece too.
  9. Be considerate with the noise level of music/TV/etc.
  10. If you notice that something around the house needs to be done, be a good servant and just go ahead and do it.
  11. Put shoes where they go...neatly. Don't just kick them off by the door.
  12. Return used items to where they belong when finished.
  13. If you make a mess, clean it.
Those are some of my biggies that I'm working on instilling in my boys. Since it's Coffee Talk Thursday, I'd love to hear yours!
Have a great day!


    1. Any tips on how to get husbands to follow your list?? :^P

    2. Ha ha! Well, with husbands, you can probably ask nicely and then leave it at that. But we can teach our sons (and daughters) so that they grow up to be the kinds of spouses that DO follow the list :-)

    3. 2 things I am trying to teach my kiddos (and husband) When u have to go potty, turn the fan on and 2 if u are an overnight guest in someone else's home ask them if they prefer the sheets in the washing room or left on the bed. My mom like to wash the sheets after a guest when its easy for her, not always right away.

    4. A big one of mine is to make the bed first thing in the morning. It just makes the room look put together and calm.

    5. I was inspired by one of your post. So I expanded on it. Check it out in length. It's my Thursday rambling I guess. Staci