Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Ring Test Update

You may remember that a few weeks ago I blogged about an old wives' tale to predict the sex of one's unborn baby. If you dangle a ring (or other metal object) in front of your belly, it will either spin in circles or go back and forth in a pendulum. We got circles.

According to the tale, circles indicate you're carrying a girl; a pendulum indicates a boy. Supposedly, the metal detects and responds to the energy emitted from the baby's hormones. Sounds strange, I know. You don't have to put much stock in it, but it was fun to try and see.

(Stop reading here if you don't want to know until the baby's born what I'm having.) :)

Our doctor's ultrasound confirmed...the baby is a GIRL! How fun. The boys have really been wanting a sister and just knew all along it was a girl, "because the ring test said so." We had to have lots of talks about how the ring test may not be accurate. They kept the faith.

In the hope that maybe I was carrying a girl, I went ahead and crocheted this hat. Isn't it adorable? I figured that if we were having another boy, I would just pass it along to a friend. Now I'm thrilled I can keep it for our little girl to wear (I like the pattern so much I'm sure I'll be making more for friends expecting girls).

So does the ring test really work? Many people think so. All I know is it worked for me and two of my friends who are also expecting girls. If you're pregnant and curious, it can't hurt to try!


  1. Congratulations!!! After your email last night, I couldn't wait until you called me this morning (especially since I woke up before the 5am hour today!)

    You will have such fun getting ready to bring pink and frills into your house. I will pray you can stick to your Dave Ramsey budget as you are tempted by all those beautiful baby girl clothes everywhere! Ha ha

  2. Congratulations! We are expecting our 7th child in September and while we haven't ever done a ring test, we always like to guess by the baby's heart rate. At my last appointment, it was 170. In our experience, that points to us having another girl. We are very anxious for our ultrasound in 3 weeks because we have a little pattern going with our six children; girl, boy, girl, boy...so we are due for another girl. :-) You are going to LOVE having a little girl in your house. They are soooo much fun. My youngest girl is 3 and has decided she is a princess. She is girly to the core and I love it!

  3. Yay! After three boys I'm excited I'm having a girl too!

  4. Congratulations Cheryl. A girl!!! Very exciting!

  5. I was SO excited to read this! The hat is adorable - was it hard to make? I'll get started on her pillowcase dress, yay!!!

  6. Hi Cheryl! Congratulations on expecting your fourth child, a little girl! So excited for you. We are expecting our 4th and our first boy in the next few weeks! I don't keep up that well on blogs, but I always enjoy reading yours when I have a chance!