Saturday, April 30, 2011

Does Anyone Use Towels Anymore?

What a week it's been! Actually a couple of weeks. Last week, I took two boys to get tested for strep (they didn't have it, fortunately); I was up all night with one boy who was puking. Then that went away, only to morph into a different form of stomach virus; that gave way to croup and an ear infection, which is what we're dealing wth now.

As if that wasn't enough, we recently learned through the rumor mill that the high school our property borders wants to buy up the neighboring properties and tear them down to have room for expansion. I did confirm this rumor with the school district, but we still have not received formal notice or information from the district. With a baby coming in August, this is not great timing. Actually, there is probably never a good time to learn something like this.

So we've tentatively been looking at houses to see if there's anything out there in our price range that we like. I thought that I had a lack of storage space in my house, but compared to some of the houses, I feel blessed.
After touring bathrooms--some with no vanities or cupboards or hall closets--I wondered:

"Where do people store their towels?"

Surely, they must use them! But where they put them is beyond me.

Maybe we just have too much stuff. After all, how many towels does a family really need? What do you think? Maybe two per person per week?

I'm in the mood for downsizing. I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Oh, I hope everything will work out really well with the housing situation! NOT what anyone wants to hear...especially while pregnant! As for the towels, I roll up all of the bath towels and put them in a basket in my bedroom. We live in a small house with no pantry, and only one linen closet that I use for sheets and pantry storage. Plus, we have three kids. No complaints; we just have to be creative!

  2. Being as you have not received formal notice yet, maybe there time line is quite long...Did they give you any idea how many years this expansion will take?

    Just purchasing the houses could take them a few years depending how many hold outs there are...Then you have city zoning and school board meetings and finance commitees etc...I would be surprised if anything happens before the baby arrives...Hey she might even be walking and talking by then lol.

    But please remember even if it does happen fast, When God closes a door, a window will be opened, it might not feel like it in the moment, but a blessing is sure to be just around the corner...well, maybe on the other side of the valley...but it will be there.

    Hope the wee one is feeling better real soon.
    Prayers and Blessings Kelsie

  3. We have two sets for each person. But, we also have a basket on the shelf above the washer and dryer that is full of old towels so that we have extras. They are used for accidents, drying off the dog, swimming, etc.

    Good luck with the possible house hunting.

  4. Hello! Yes I think two per person is a great number...the one in use and then only one stored. Works great!

  5. Hi Julie, just many are in your basket? Do you have any good guidelines that you find work best for your family?
    (Laura, and Amanda, good ideas!).
    Kelsie, thanks for the encouragement. I am trying to remind myself to approach this with faith and hope that the outcome can be better than I can imagine :)
    I guess they are looking to hire a real estate agent to handle negotiations and hope to have that person in place later this month. They want to begin construction next spring. They have money already allocated and approved from the state legislature for this. I guess there probably isn't a huge rush; I think you're right that the timing could take a year at least. I will keep you posted!

  6. We keep about 6 in the basket and each person uses a towel for a couple of days. So, we have 2 hooks on the back of each bathroom door (master bath and guest bath) and a hook on the inside of my toddler's door (her towel doesn't get that wet.) I guess that means that we own about 12 towels. We throw soiled towels in a laundry basket I keep on top of the washer. Washcloths are in baskets on the backs of the toilets. We try to have a place for almost everything and make those places "hidden" if at all possible (storage ottoman, baskets, shoe pocket organizers, etc.)A friend of mine (mother of 5) and I joke that the back of no closet door should be left unused! Hope this helped. :)

  7. That is crazy! I cant believe that the school disrict can do that! News to me. Wow. I hope you (and your neighbors) are given a good amount of time to move... Insane. But even crazier - yes! WHERE DO THE TOWELS GO??? Our master bath is alright, but the boys' bathroom is tiny and the under-sink storage is SO not enough and the hall closet (which should really be a linen closet) is eeny-weeny. I'm actually adding more shelves next week. I dont get it. Builders just DO NOT know how to build homes anymore it seems. Well, good luck to you and I hope everything turns out alright with the school's grand plan ;)