Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reminders from Cheaper by the Dozen

Before I had children, I remember sitting in the movie theater with my husband watching Cheaper by the Dozen. I loved the opening scenes showing the hustle and bustle of the family waking up, getting ready in the morning, and eating breakfast together. I loved all the signs of life in the home: the numerous pairs of shoes kicked off by the door, the kid's drawings tacked up all over the house, the toys and sports equipment in every nook and cranny, and of course the kids and their energy. The house was far from perfectly neat; but all the kid clutter made it cozy. I remember thinking, "I want that."

Although we're far from 12 children, there are plenty of days with my three little boys (and my fourth baby on the way), that I forget that this is what I desired. I'm not talking about motherhood itself per se, but all that goes with it: managing the messes, the squabbles, the rowdy boy energy.  Rewatching the movie reminded me that I longed for a large family, and with that comes a certain amount of craziness. The beginning of Cheaper by the Dozen renewed my perspective: I wanted that craziness. Today, may I celebrate it with joy.


  1. I remember this myself when I am searching for a little sock or picking up one of many cars or trucks scattered on the floor. :) Those little things make me smile and check my attitude that I am blessed to have such messes. God bless!

  2. Wow... when I was growing up w/just one sibling I used to tell my Mom that I wanted a big loud family!
    And 22 yrs of married life so far and 5 kids later... I have exactly that! LOL

    What great insight you have:
    "Today, may I celebrate it with joy." So good.
    Thanks for sharing.