Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grace for Days That Don't Go as Planned

I'm having one of those "mom's in need of mercy" weeks--you know, the ones where you feel like you're doing just about everything wrong when it comes to your kids. Too much nagging, too much scolding, too little laughter, too few smiles. I'm trying to see myself as they see me, and I wonder: do they feel like I'm just one grouchy mother? I don't intend for the days to be like this.

After a rather rough start to an "official" homeschooling day (which ended up being just a phonics and handwriting lesson) that did not come anywhere close to being the happy, fun, excited time of learning and togetherness I envisioned, I read this post by Elizabeth Foss. It said exactly what I felt.

Even if you don't homeschool, I encourage you to read it. It encourages all mothers with children at home.

May you be blessed as I was.

Read it here:

The First Day Never Goes As Planned

Ever had one of those days?


  1. I'm having some of those days here lately. I'll say a prayer for you that tomorrow is more joyful.

  2. HI Cheryl, just take it a day at at time and don't worry about the "academics" so much....the handwriting will happen, the math, especially for kgd....cultivate a love for learning and the other things will come.
    I keep an active homeschooling blog that donates much of our time to unit studies that seem light hearted but hit the heart, if you know what I mean.
    ps. I tried to start homeschooling with our "first" day a year ago when my daughter was 3 weeks old....just a little wisdom, sometimes its worth the wait! mentally I was ready, emotionally no where near it! blessings!