Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Keeping Up With Laundry

You wash it, you dry it, you even fold it. So why is it so hard to get it put away?

If you struggle with this question, as do I, and look around at your mounting laundry baskets filled with nicely folded clothes and wonder, "When will I ever find time to get this put away?" I think I may have found a solution:
fully finish one load at a time

What this means is only wash, dry, fold and put away one load at a time. This means fewer loads will get run through one after another, but if you diligently follow through with this system, you will keep up. You know more loads are waiting, so you are more apt to hurry and put the load away. (And one small basket is much easier to deal with than say four full baskets, isn't it!)

The dispersing from baskets to drawers is usually where I get stuck. I wash a load, throw it in the dryer, throw another load in the washer while the first load is in the dryer, and keep going with that assembly line. By the end of the day, I end up with so many loads washed and dried that putting the clothes away is daunting...and usually doesn't happen (until several days later).

Certainly if you have older laundry helpers this system may not be efficient (you can be starting another load while your laundry assistant, aka child, is putting that basket away). However, for those of us with little ones, this may be a way we can "receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need" as Hebrews 4:16 promises.

What works for you with laundry?


  1. THIS is my biggest struggle of all. I do not love doing laundry. I try to get my heart into it and try to enjoy it. Nope, doesnt work. So I always try to look at it positively but it is a HUGE struggle. Plus my washer and dryer are a lot faster and bigger than my old ones so I just cant seem to keep up! I cram as much in as possible (and its quite a bit) and then forget about the idea that I MIGHT have to fold! HA!

  2. that really is a good idea. i know i cant do laundry days cause by the end i am sick of doing everything and dont want to finish it. I have noticed when I do a load a day I am much better at keeping up with it

  3. this sounds like a plan. I have two baskets waiting to be folded, one waiting to be put away, a load in the dryer and a load in the washer. ugh! (and I *like* doing laundry)

  4. My BFF does this and swears by it. I do have my launry helpers put laundry away and have even begun to teach my 9 year old son to wash blankets and towels. He is so excited to do it even!

  5. This is truly my husband's pet peeve about me! LOL. I will have to try this method.

  6. Thank you for this! As I write I literally have folded clothes all over my couch!! This may be the miracle tip I need. lol

  7. One load in the washer, one load in the dryer, one load folded needing put away on child #2's bed, one load being folded as I type by child #1 (seriously), 3 loads waiting in the laundry room to be washed, one load in bedroom ready to be carried downstairs but no room yet and children #3, 4, and 5 getting their clothes dirty so I NEVER have a chance to catch up. Only solution I see is to stay naked.......Yeah, looks like laundry woes are here forever.

    I must constantly thank God that we are so blessed to have a washer, a dryer and lots of clothes that fit on lots of kids! The good news -- I just know there will be no laundry in heaven!!!!

  8. This is a good idea! I am really lacking in the laundry department of my life. I am always behind. Way behind.

    Excellent post!

    Stop by and visit me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal!

  9. Fun to hear everyone's thoughts! I think this is a universal problem :) The only problem I haven't figured out is what to do about all the baskets waiting for me in the laundry room. If only they would wash and fold themselves, then I could put them away (I think) :)
    Maybe interior designers should decorate with full laundry baskets...then it would be in vogue :) GOOD LUCK FRIENDS getting it all put away!

  10. My solution is to have only one laundry basket. I line-dry everything, so my routine is to put a load in the washing machine, take down and fold the load that's on the line, put that away, and by then the washer is finished and I can hang up the new load. I HAVE to put away the dry load to free up the basket for the wet load so I can get it hung before it gets icky!

    Normally I do one load every other day (family of 3), but if I'm getting a backlog I'll do multiple loads in a day or one load every day. My clotheslines are in the basement, so it can take up to 2 days for jeans to dry completely.

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  12. girl, I just came back to tell you that I have been using your method for the past three days and I. Love. It. Yeah, baby!

  13. Awesome, PC! Glad it's working out for you :)