Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coffee Talk Thursday: Talking about Turkeys

At the grocery store a few days ago, there were many turkeys to choose from for one's Thanksgiving feast. There was the frozen Jennie-O for .68 cents per pound, the Honeysuckle White for .88 cents per pound, Butterball for .98 cents per pound, plus some huge unbranded turkeys. In addition to frozen turkeys, there are also fresh turkeys for a higher price per pound. I remember several people telling people they swear by Butterball turkeys, so in the end, after my indecisive debate with myself, I chose a Butterball.

But I'm wondering--does it really make that much of a difference? What do you think?

In years past, I've just bought a turkey from Safeway, since the store has a great deal: $4.99-6.99 depending on the size. I brine it and roast it, and butter baste it myself. We've always thought the turkey tastes moist.

I did a bit of research online, and the "experts" will tell you the free-range, farm-fresh turkeys taste the best. That's probably true, but it's not as easy to track one of those down as it is to grab a frozen turkey from the routine trip to the grocery store. Plus, they're going to cost quite a bit more. Some people say they don't like knowing their turkey was injected with anything, hence the apprehension toward a Butterball.

However, those I know who love Butterballs say they've tried other turkeys and they just don't taste as good.

I have yet to try the difference.

So for this Coffee Talk Thursday, let's talk about turkey. What do you buy and why? If you've tried Butterball, do you really think there's a Butterball difference (by the way, there's a $1-off coupon on their site). Do you have strong opinions about it, or do you just go more for price? 


  1. i order from a local as you can get turkey. nto in a cage but, running around the farm. not only does it save my body from toxic crap its goood stuff. yes, its more money i paid 275lb but its worth it. all the cycmicals they put in meat is really bad for you and they way they kill the animals is not how god intended it to be so its messed up. you should read skinny bitch and alicai silverstones books they are good at expalining that stuff. although you dont have to go vegan the information is wonderful!!!! i could not put the book down!!! there is also documentrys on this stuff organic is so much better. if you cant afford it you can cut down on your meat (which we should you dont need to eat meat more then 2 a week. americans eat way to much meat!!!! you can also buy bulk or co-ops. i do this and save so much money. this would give you the money come turkey time to go to your local farm and have the ymmiest tastest safest turkey out there.
    gobble gobble

  2. My husband CLAIMS that he will immediately become ill if he eats Butterball turkey... (he won't eat mayo or marg either, for the same reason). I am mean, but I'd love to do an experiment and cook him one and see for myself if it is all in his head or not!!!! But, I won't -- I'd personally buy the cheapest turkey and then dress it up with spices. Hubby cuts slits in the breast and puts garlic cloves in it. We had our turkey last month as Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on Columbus Day. Have to wait till Christmas for more bird!
    Denise in Saskatchewan (using my son's google account).

  3. Our famiy purchased an expensive, organic turkey from a local farm. ($80.00) I couldn't taste a difference. Next year I'm voting for something cheaper! =)