Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shed 10 a Day, the Easy Way

(With the holidays here, I hope you weren't thinking I was offering tips on how to lose 10 pounds a day...I just hope I don't gain 10 pounds a day!)

It's Messy Monday and we're focusing on a real easy way to get things under control in our homes.

My husband and I went on a date this weekend to celebrate our eighth anniversary. Although we were both sick, we managed to have a nice time. But going out on a date without kids means a babysitter comes in, and that means a major cleaning overhaul happens first.

I am continually amazed at how letting a few things slide here and there creates a whole mountain of work later when it's time to put everything away. Now that most surfaces are fairly clear, the easiest way to maintain that lack of clutter is not allow it to begin. That takes a certain level of discipline, but it's worth it. One item looks so much more out of place when it's the only item there; however, a group of items beckons to more.

One thing I've been doing lately to clear clutter is to get rid of at least ten things a day. At first, it won't make much of a dent in anything, but slowly, steadily, we're reducing the inventory in our home. And that does make a tangible difference through time. It could be as simple as throwing away unnecessary papers, worn-out clothing, yucky food from the frig, broken crayons the kids scatter from room to room, etc.

Perhaps you don't need to get rid of a single thing, but there are out of place items that can be transported to their correct locations. I know my dresser holds at least five stray things right now (my son's sunglasses, a couple pens, some socks, a Spiderman band-aid...strange assortment, I know).

Make it a goal to find at least ten things a day to move--either to a new, neater place, or out to the trash if it's not reusable by someone else.

You'll feel ten pounds lighter, and that's always a good feeling, especially this time of year!


  1. This is awesome advice and I am going to making hubby read this...Maybe he will take notice if it comes from someone other than me.

    I am a clutter phobe and since opposites attract married the Pack Rat King lol

    Congrates on 8yrs, glad you had a good time on your date....We will have a lunch "date" now and again will the we one is at daycare, it is so nice to have time to actually talk over a meal sometimes.

    Have a wonderful Blessed day and feel better soon

  2. Love this tip....I am noticing my "10" has turned into about "30" and my goal is to knock that out tomorrow!