Sunday, March 18, 2012

Should Moms Wear White?

Shopping in Target the other day, I had to run back to the fitting rooms to nurse my baby before leaving the store. Of course, as you walk through the clothing department and see all the new spring styles, you find some things that you fall in love with. (Plus, I've just been thinking that I really need to get a cute pair of pants that fits...comfy sweats and yoga pants around the house until I can zip up my pre-4th pregnancy pants only work for so long; still love skirts, too, but I don't wear them everyday).

One of the always-in-style pieces for spring and summer is a pair of white jeans or capris. They're so versatile. You can wear them with anything. They look crisp.
But do they stay clean? That's the problem when you're a mom.

I skipped out on the white, and bought myself a pair of these instead:
The best part is the elastic/drawstring waistband. :) And still more fashionable than sweats...

Yet, during a recent dinner, they still managed to collect splashes of orange baby food and drips of Italian salad dressing (while eating and holding my baby at the same time). Said splashes of baby food also ruined my brand new white t-shirt (although I put some Dawn on the spots right away and sprayed Oxi-Clean on it bbefore bed, so we'll see when it comes out of the wash...).
I gained new confidence in my decision to forgo the white in this season of raising little ones.

What do you think? Is there a way for moms to safely wear white (and keep it white)?!

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  1. Nope! :) Even if the kids don't get to it first, I have a hard time keeping whites white once laundered a few times. (I sound like a bad laundry commercial!) I prefer darks and prints/jewel tones for everybody in the house!

  2. I haven't discovered a way! I own NOTHING white! Dropping by from The Better Mom linkup!

  3. White was one of my favorite colors for tops, until I became mom :)

  4. I agree--white is not a part of my wardrobe nor the's always made me think that it is non parents who design white clothes for young kids.