Sunday, October 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I love the weeks when you have most everything you need to execute the menu plan already at home, in your pantry and in your freezer. This is one of those weeks for me, making it fairly frugal and relatively easy to pull off.

Oatmeal, brown sugar, bananas, orange juice
Ham and cheese sandwiches, apples, milk
Skillet Ziti with chicken and broccoli, garlic parmesan bread (Walmart bakery), salad

Fried eggs, toast, juice
Chicken stir-fry over rice
Enchiladas, corn, tossed salad

Granola with milk or yogurt, triple berry blend (frozen from Sam's Club)
Broccoli-cheese quiche, mandarin oranges

Scrambled eggs, toast
Chili, cornbread (grinding my own cornmeal from popcorn kernels), peaches
Riso alla Pitocca (chicken thighs on sale for .99 cents/pound), biscuits

Cream of wheat or Coco-Wheats, juice
Pasta Fagiole, breadsticks
Homemade pizza night (making dough in bread machine--it's a cinch!), salad

pancakes (grinding my own wheat), juice
Roasted pork shoulder (on sale for 1.49/pound with rain check), butternut squash, sauteed cabbage or brussel sprouts

Sunday dinner:
Stuffed shells (manicotti), salad, garlic bread

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