Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missing Toilet, Cleaner House

It is amazing how simple things are taken for granted until they're gone. Then you realize how much you appreciate them.

Take our toilet, for instance. Stinky thing. Wondered why, no matter how much I wiped it clean, it always smelled like pee.

Now I know.

Son sitting on it this weekend. Announced, "Something's wrong. Water's coming out of the back of the toilet." Handy man husband checked it out.  Discovered broken tank. Took toilet apart. Went to Menard's. Realized it would just be easier to install a new toilet. Bought new toilet. Came home.

Removed old toilet. Discovered old toilet installed incorrectly by previous owners. Leaked under toilet. Leaked. Leaked. Leaked. Ruined tiles. Removed tiles. Discovered rotted floor. Could not install new toilet as planned. Cleaned. Cleaned. Cleaned.

Travelled back to Menard's. Bought shop-vac. Cut out old floor. Vacuumed up rotten wood.  Thinking about new flooring options. Waiting for new toilet. Missing main floor toilet.

Not missing cleaning main-floor toilet. Boys learning about the importance of not missing, too.

Now for the moral of the story:
When doing a job, do it correctly, the first time. I know I wrote last week about not taking too long for routine chores. Dusting doesn't have to be perfect, just done. But when it matters (like installing a toilet), do it right. Or else, down the road, you'll pay the price for what seemed like a shortcut at the time.


  1. Oh dear, how very frustrating and nasty...I hope you are able to get things back in place correctly soon...I know it can't be fun having to make potty runs up and down stairs with 3 little ones and a baby to tote...Prayers coming your way

    Blessings Kelsie.

  2. Thanks Kelsie! Was just thinking about you :) Thanks for being a faithful commenter here--it's always encouraging!
    I hate to whine that we have to go upstairs or downstairs, because at least we have indoor plumbing (somewhere in the house!), and we still live zillions of times better than the majority of people around the world...But yes, I do missing having that bathroom so close and handy! Hopefully soon :) Hope you're doing well!

  3. Sometimes it's good to be reminded of how 'good' we have it. I know it's a trying time for you and I feel for you. Hope it's fixed soon!

  4. Golly gee- this kind of situation almost makes the goold old days of outhouses seem simpler and potentially attractive...

    I guarantee "the outhouse" never broke down!