Thursday, October 6, 2011

Super Frugal, Semi-Fun Date Idea

By the time you budget for a sitter, there usually isn't a whole lot left over for the date. But we all know how important those date-nights with our hubbies are (of course, you could always have one at home. See some ideas on how to make this happen here). A friend told me their favorite date night idea is to head to Sam's Club and hang out on the furniture and talk. I love it! My husband, not so much. (But I think he could be convinced to give it a try).

To make this more fun, you could stop and pick up some coffees or other tasty beverages before heading over to your local big-box store. You could also eat an inexpensive dinner or snack in the cafe section. Share a pizza? A sundae?  Just don't tire your husband out by grabbing all the items on your regular grocery list. Remember, this is date night!

Who knew club memberships could have marriage benefits as well?

(linked to Frugal Friday and Works for Me Wednesday)


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