Monday, November 21, 2011

The Home Ec Counter

All I remember about taking home economics in junior high is how clean the kitchen was. The only thing I recall learning to make was homemade donuts, but for some reason, the cleanliness of the counter is still in my mind to this day.  It was spotless. Cooking in the classroom kitchen felt laboratory-like. 

Like my home economics classroom, the kitchen for a nutrition class I took a few years ago was also spotless and lab-like. But when you think about it, food preparation is a science (and an art.) It deserves an austere workspace.

Yet, that's not what I find in my home most days. Sure there is room enough on the counter to do all my necessary food prep (usually). But how much more there would be if, like the classroom kitchens, there was absolutely nothing on the counter top.

A spotless counter encourages cooking and baking. The whole process is easier, because, for one, there is room to work. Things don't have to be cleared or shuffled around first, which can discourage home-cooking and baking.

So that is my goal for this week--to get the counter completely cleared (perhaps even of appliances...we'll see) and then keep it that way.

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  1. Having worked in a couple of commercial kitchens I truly appreciate a clean and organized work area to cook in...I get frustrated and find cooking becomes a chore when my kitchen has become a dumping zone for none kitchen items...Turns me into "ugly angry chef"

    Good luck with clearing the clutter and removing those appliances that are not used all the time is a great start.

    Blessings Kelsie