Sunday, November 20, 2011

Smooth-Sailing Sundays

Are Sunday mornings stressful at your home? Trying to get everyone out the door for church on time, while looking for needed, but misplaced items (like one missing shoe) can make the most patient among us come unglued. I told my husband before church that I knew my warning signs and I was approaching the "I'm going to lose it now!" emergency signal. At church, one of my best friends said, "You look stressed." (It was either really obvious, or this is a testimony to the fact that she knows me well).

Although the morning was full of promise (since I woke up for good at 6AM and got breakfast ready shortly thereafter and laid out the boys' clothes--minus shoes), it all fell apart.

Here are just a few of the items we couldn't find in the half hour before needing to head out the door:
  • baby's diaper cover to match her dress
  • the hat I had crocheted for her, which would have matched her outfit perfectly
  • matching shoes for our 3-year old
  • one of my shoes (thanks to little boys who play in our closet)
  • the next set of checks for the checkbook
In retrospect, this list doesn't seem too long. But the stress lies in having to find multiple items in mere minutes. And if you can't find them, it is even more frustrating.

The key to being prepared, and having a peaceful Sunday morning, really starts Saturday night.

Last week, for Lauren's baby dedication, I wanted to ensure a peaceful morning. So Saturday night was really geared toward a smooth Sunday morning, instead of our own leisure. I figured out what each of the boys was going to wear, and laid out their clothes--complete down to socks and shoes. I made sure anything that needed to be pressed was. I put the baby's dress, tights, and shoes together (except I forgot to find the hair ribbon the night before).

On Sunday morning, we got up and immediately started getting ready. Then, if there was extra time before church, the kids could play or do whatever they wanted once they were ready. This was so much more peaceful than procrastinating and then having to rush like mad...which in the end just makes everyone mad.

(Lauren has laid out a helpful list here as well:

What tips have helped you get out of the house peacefully?


  1. All of the things you mentioned are things I regularly do on Saturday evenings. Along with preparing clothing (complete with socks, shoes, ties, belts and hair ribbons) I also think about lunch and do what I can to prepare as much of that in advance as possible. Last night, I pulled out a lasagna I had in the freezer and put it in the oven this morning using the time setting on our oven. I also get up early on Sunday. I will tell you that it gets easier. Now that I have a 12-year old and a 10-year old, they help me collect clothing and on Sunday mornings, we use the buddy system to get the little ones dressed. I give the final check before we leave so in case something needs fixing, we can fix it before we get to church! LOL
    One more thing I do is pack the diaper bag and clean out and organize my purse on Saturday night. I am actually a little OCD about the diaper bag. I read/heard once as a much younger mom to repack your diaper bag whenever you come home from being out and that way it's always ready. I do this 90% of the time but on Saturday night I just do a double check. (I have had babies who had a blow out at church and I didn't have a change of clothes!) LOL
    PS: I have to admit that recently I've had more than my share of "winging it" on Sunday morning and it's NOT pretty at our house! As mother's I believe it is our responsibility to set the tone and being prepared (to the best of our ability) is one way we can help cultivate a peaceful tone for our home (and also make Sunday mornings a time that our family looks forward to instead of dreads!).
    Thanks for the great tips and encouraging post.

  2. Thanks for linking to Titus 2 Moments! I'm going to stick your button on my sidebar! It might take me a couple of days to get to it, but trust me, it's coming!