Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Ministry of Hospitality

"Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality."-Romans 12:13
This morning I had the pleasure of watching my friend's little boy while she took her daughter to the doctor. I think originally she didn't want to inconvenience anyone, and I've felt the same way in the past when I needed a similar favor. But it was really no trouble at all! Just an extra little person for breakfast, and then I'd say the next hour was actually easier than usual because the boys were so excited to have a new playmate.

This got me thinking about those people in my life whom have stepped in to offer hospitality when I really needed it. Perhaps it was watching my boys in a similar situation (thanks Jodi!) or knowing that I needed their advice and they made time for us. What a blessing they have been!

On the flip side, I also recall times when I've practically begged for help to no avail. I can think of times when I desperately needed mentoring advice and hesitantly (because it is hard) called a few of the women I tend to turn to for this, only to hear they were too busy. "We have school" is a common reason for the no. While that's completely understandable (after all, our ministries our to our own families first), it often leaves me feeling deflated and isolated when I need encouragement from someone the most.
The point I am trying to make is that even when you have school (or whatever else fills your schedule), when you invite someone in despite all of that, it becomes such a ministry of hospitality. I will never forget the time a friend told me indeed she had school, but she would still make time for me and my questions because she said, "These things are important. We make time for them." A ministry of hospitality. Like the title of Karen Ehman's book, let's be the kind of people whose lives say "Welcome, we're glad you're here!"

Can you think of times you've sought hospitality only to be turned down? How did that make you feel? What about when someone said yes? Why or why not should we say yes to others (or no)? Let's talk!


  1. That Karen Ehman book is one of my favorite books! I have TWO copies. Have you read anymore of her books?

  2. THanks a ton for helping me out! Jake had a blast and I wasn't quite as insane as I could have been! You had wonderful hospitality! 3 boys is enough, without another 2 year old! THANK YOU!

  3. Hi Jodi, I have the Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized. Have you read it? I LOVE it! It is so helpful and also attainable :) She says to aim for "relatively neat and clutter free" most days. I am still trying to do that :)