Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Fiery Room of Hell

A few days ago, we were at a house that screamed 1950's, complete down to the thick red shag carpet in a paneled basement room.  We're talking blood red. And thick, with giant loops.

My boys--probably thinking that we went down into the depths of the earth--thought we were in hell.

One exclaimed, "Mom! Look, the fiery lake of hell!"
Which prompted another to ask, "Mom, are we in hell?"
Another son asked, "Is this the fiery room of hell?"
They enjoyed running around in and test-driving the fiery room of hell, squealing, "We're in hell! We're in hell! We're in hell!".

But then, our oldest son reasoned it out for his brothers (and for his own peace-of-mind). "No, this isn't hell. We're not going to hell, because [with a crescendo] WE BELIEVE IN JESUS!"

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  1. oh Cheryl, I really am laughing out funny!