Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu Plan: The Week of Simple Meals

As I'm trying to get caught up on laundry (and other things around the house that have fallen by the way-side) and finish work on the church cookbook, we are eating super simply this week. My goal in choosing these meals was minimal prep while still maintaining a semblance of healthiness.

Breakfasts: Baked oatmeal, raisins, milk, OJ
Scrambled eggs, toast, mandarin oranges
Smoothies, toast
Blueberry pancakes, milk
Spinach and red pepper omelets, toast, juice
Cream-cheese coffeecake for the weekend (if I get caught up by then!)

BBQ beef sandwiches from leftover roast, salad
Leftover teriyaki pork stir-fry and rice
Pasta salad with veggies
Mac and cheese, mixed vegetables
Bologna and cheese sandwiches for the boys; turkey for me; baby carrots
Tuna salad sandwiches, oranges, red pepper strips

Chicken Divan, Rice
Fish sticks, baked potatoes, peas
Taco soup, leftover cornbread
Crustless quiche, spinach salad

Broiled London Broil (from my OAMC day), baked potatoes, some other green vegetable

snacks: fruit, yogurt, string cheese, nuts, ants on a log, water...etc :)

To save more time this week so I can get caught up (and money), I am planning around everything that I have on hand, either in the cupboard or in the fridge. Life as Mom and Money Saving Mom are inviting you to plan from your pantry too!
Visit for more menu ideas!

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