Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Baby Rolls are The Way to Go

While I am working to eliminate my baby "rolls" (as in extra tummy flab), there is one kind of baby roll I would gladly pay to have. I am talking about the "Baby Roll": a handy invention my friend Jaime created, sews, and sells in her Etsy shop.

"Baby Rolls are fashionable baby changing mats designed for on-the-go parents."

Baby rolls are brilliant! One small roll replaces the need for a cumbersome diaper bag. You simply tuck a diaper or two in the handy sewn-in pocket, add a packet of wipes (or put a few in a Ziploc baggie), roll the baby roll up, Velcro it shut, and tuck it in your purse.

With a Baby Roll, you can change your baby anywhere. The inner liner is very easy to wipe clean. This is especially great for times when you're somewhere without a changing table in the restroom, and you don't know what to do. Just whip out your baby roll, and you're good to go! You can use it on a counter, or on the floor, and you'll know your baby is protected from icky germs. For moms in need of mercy, Baby Rolls provide a sanitary solution.

This week, Jaime is offering a special promotion on Baby Rolls. They normally retail for $17-$20, but she is listing them for $13.60 plus free shipping within the U.S. (while supplies last, so hurry!). Plus, Moms in Need of Mercy readers will receive a coupon for $5 of a future purchase with an order. Even if you don't have a baby, these make fabulous, and very unique, gifts--and at a great price to boot. There are some darling designs.

To take advantage of this offer, visit Jaime's Etsy shop. You can also email her at

More information about Baby Rolls from Jaime's Etsy shop:

"Baby Rolls protect your child from the germs on public changing surfaces! They keep your child off the ground or public restroom floor when there is no changing table available. The vinyl interior of the Baby Roll can be wiped clean and sanitized. You won't have accidents on your friend's carpet if you bring your Baby Roll along!
Baby Rolls are great way to stay prepared for the unexpected! Keep it in your car, purse, gym bag, the grocery cart, bike carriage, stroller…take it with you wherever you go!

Items to store in your Baby Roll:

Baggie of Wipes
Diaper Sacks for Dirty Diapers
Travel Packs of Sanitizing Hand Wipes

Baby Rolls design is unique to Baby Rolls, LLC. All rolls are handcrafted by a stay-at-home mom and are machine washable!"

*I heartily recommend Baby Rolls and know you (or someone you know who has a baby or is expecting one) will love them too! You won't want to miss this sale, so hop on over to the Baby Roll shop and check them out!

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