Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Discover the Many Fun Uses of Freezer Paper

I've written before about how I like to buy several pounds of meat when it's at its lowest sale price. I usually divide it up into freezer bags, or plastic wrap ground beef and then wrap it in tin foil. Despite my best efforts, within a few weeks, ice crystals start to form around it in the freezer. But not anymore!

That's because I've discovered freezer paper. A friend of mine who meat in bulk (as in a whole cow) and freezes the meat recommended it. Found near the tin foil and freezer bags, it's a little pricey (more than $6) but worth every penny.

Not only can you use it to wrap your meats, it's great paper for arts and crafts. The shiny side is perfect for finger painting; the dry side works well with water-color paints. I think it is less expensive than buying finger painting paper.

The package says you can also use it to:
  • Wrap packages for mailing or gifts (I am not sure the post office allows wrapped packages anymore).
  • Make a disposable tablecloth for picnics or barbecues
  • Line shelves and drawers throughout the house.
  • Use to catch spills in refrigerator drawers or bins, under pet dishes, when painting or potting plants.
  • Protect kitchen counters; juices from raw meats won't leak through. Grate cheese or roll dough.
  • Make banners for school functions, welcome greetings or parties. 
Freezer paper works for me!


  1. Thanks! I need to pull out the freezer paper more often!

  2. You can make great fabric painting stencils as well!

  3. It's also great for making applique' patterns that iron right to the fabric and remove easily.

  4. We use it for finger paint paper. I think people use in quilting too.

  5. I've wrapped packages and mailed them through the USPS and they've taken them. I'll have to try the freezer paper for meat. Wax paper works too. I use it for chicken and it almost never gets frost bite.

  6. Here is a fun idea that goes along with Julie's trick for appliques: free-hand or trace a design onto the freezer paper. Keep it simple, because it's going to be a silhouette. Cut it out, then iron it on a white t-shirt (prewashed, of course). Like Julie said in her comment, it sticks! Now, you can either use fabric paint and sponges and just dab all over the shirt (be sure to get along the edges of the stencil!) or you can find some spray paint that is sold in your craft store's floral department for coloring fake flowers. You just spritz it all over the shirt. When the paint dries, peel off the stencil and you will have a 'reverse silhouette' design. Don't worry, the freezer paper leaves no residue!

  7. BTW, I forgot to mention that the fabric spray dries very soft, unlike some other fabric paints.

  8. Aleshia H.March 10, 2010

    I have been using Freezer paper for over a year now. I use it for wrapping bulk meat and for my kids crafts. To get the freezer paper even cheaper, my husband bought a big roll of it online, as well as the stand it sits on and tears off. It has definitely been worth it! I still have about half left!

  9. I never thought to use them it for mailing! I will have to try that.

    Thanks for the super tip!

    By the way, it is good for finger painting in a pinch too.