Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cleaning Up After Ourselves

Recently I heard an Intentional Living radio broadcast about hoarding. Even though we may not consider ourselves hoarders, many of us struggle with clutter to some degree. I know I sure do! Dr. Carlson’s advice to the callers was helpful to anyone trying to get it together.
Imagine if you died unexpectedly—let’s say today (just pretend)—and someone else had to go through all your stuff. Every hidden place: every single drawer, every cupboard, every shelf. Would you be:

a) A little embarrassed?
b) Mortified?
c) Calm and peaceful—every nook and cranny is under control

I would probably be a little embarrassed. Because of that realization (and possibility—after all, who except God knows the future?), these are the areas that need some extra attention. So whether you want to call it good old-fashioned spring cleaning, or the worst-case scenario cleaning, let’s pick some places and get cleaning!

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  1. Definitely a little embarassed. The upstairs messes can be forgiven, after all a house full of little kids gets untidy, the basement, however, is all my fault - just tossing, stashing, piling, and failing to put things away - right away. I can't wait to get it sorted, I know it will feel great to get rid of that guilty weight.

  2. Not embarassed at all .... but not because everything is in its place, but rather because I am in heaven!! :) No embarassment there.

    Now my husband may be embarrassed, but I would definitely not be.

    My motivation for some good old fashioned spring cleaning is for my benefit, so I can enjoy it. Selfish, yes. But honest as well :). Cute post, Cheryl.