Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Starting Over Again

Depending on how up you are on 80's pop songs, you'll recognize that title from a Cher album (Heart of Stone, circa 1989). Regardless of whether it's familiar or not, we all have those days that we simply need to start over. Today was definitely a "mom's in need of mercy" morning. The boys woke up an hour early and two of the three were extremely whiny for two hours--the whiny with constant crying,  "hold me, hold me," (if they can talk) and just grabbing your legs with incessant crying if they can't. You know, those really fun mornings that make you so glad to be a stay-at-home mom, with your kids. All. day. long.

So, inspired by this post, I decided to restart the day. Sometimes, all cranky kids (or kids of any sort, for that matter) need is some extra-long moments of undivided attention and cuddles from Mom. So went back upstairs, crawled under the covers, read a story, and the day started over again--much better on take two. I encourage you to read Sara's post, "Reboot." 


  1. Reading your first paragraph I thought, "I don't remember writing a guest post yesterday!" That was exactly how my morning went too. Love the Reboot post.
    Have you read "Mrs. Sharp's Traditions" by Sarah Ban Breathnach? She calls those days crisscross days and says they are sent to stretch our souls. "No matter what the hour, tell them everyone's going to start the day all over again. Give them a kiss and say 'Good Morning!' At Mrs. Sharp's house she has made a tradition of having a pancake supper on a crisscross day to symbolize that she can always start over again and begin anew."

  2. Thanks for linking up to my blog Cheryl - I'm honoured. So glad to hear that "take two" was more of a success. Have a wonderful day today, the first time.

  3. Hi, I'm stopping over from the UBP 2010. Great idea about starting your day over again! There are a lot of days that I wish I could do this with our 15-year-old!! (Today being one of them!) I look forward to reading more posts!

    Blessings, Leslie