Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Do You Find Blogs?

Coffee Talk Thursday

So here's a question I've been wondering about for awhile: there are sooo many blogs out there, how do you find good ones? For me, a main way I learn about certain blogs is by stumbling upon them--usually the title sounds interesting in someone's blogroll, so I click over. Then, on that blog, there are mentions of other blogs that sound intriguing, and so on. So "word of mouth" is a big factor.

I also look at entries in weekly meme/carnival lists. When you comment here (thanks!), I try as often as possible to make it to your page too. I have noticed, though, since I started writing, I have less time to read other blogs. Unless one wishes to increase computer time, something's gotta give. Funny how kids don't do well when their mother is anchored to her computer chair. :)

Right now, there is a great way to find new blogs. The Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by 5 minutes for Mom, allows bloggers to link up with their blogs, and allows visitors to discover new blogs.

On the topic of books, I find those much the same way. I listen to a lot of Christian radio programs. Many times, the hosts interview authors. If their books sound interesting, I will check it out from the library or order a copy. (To keep expenses down, I wrote about how to get a copy of a book for free). Sometimes I find great books in catalogs. We receive Vision Forum's catalog--it's great! Also, for homeschooling, I just waded through Rainbow Resource's catalog and discovered some wonderful books, for me and the kids, that way too.

Since Coffee Talk Thursday is like inviting a group of girlfriends over for coffee and a visit, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you found your favorite blogs (and how you find new ones).

By the way, I have not heard from Hilary, who won the church cookbook. I even left her a comment on her blog to let her know she won. So, since it's been a week, I drew a new winner. picked #3--Alicia. Congratulations, Alicia! Can you please email me your address (, and I will get that out to you. Thanks!


  1. I loved finding blogs from the UBP. I also find them by clicking on friends of friends of friends....I usually cannot even remember the path I took to end up on a blog.

  2. I found many great blogs from UBP as well but most of the time I just stumble upon them through blogrolls or comments or what have you.

  3. I usually do the "stumble" thing....I also have a great friend who always shares her finds with me. I love a good, catchy blog title and that's mainly what draws me in.....I can't remember where I blogged from to find yours but I love it!

  4. I blog hop from blogs of my interest. Home Decor, Christian parenting, free family fun, & couponing. I can't remember how I found yours....hopping I guess. Staci @

  5. Yay!!!!!! I won the cookbook! I was like..." in me Alicia?" Haha, had to go back to the post to make sure I was #3. I'm sorry you did not hear back from Hilary, though.
    I definitely do the "blog hop" thing. I tend to be attracted to blogs with good layouts and substantial content. :) I found yours through your guest post at Org Junkie's website a while back!

  6. You've won an award! Come check it out.

  7. I also find blogs by stumbling upon them (like I stumbled upon yours-the title intrigued me as I'm always in search of Christian Mommy blogs.

    I love the church cookbook idea - was just talking to my husband about possibly trying to organize something like this in our church since the church has put a much-needed addition for a new worship center on hold due to inadequate funds at this point in time. Instead, worship is in a gymnasium, which works fine-but to some visitors it is a turn off.

  8. I stumbled on mine too, and it truly depends on the phase I'm in. I may very tuned into gardening sites for a while, then Christian parenting. All go in my google reader and I can catch up on a topic whenever I choose!

    But I agree. Time is precious. That's why I started limited my blogging to only a few days a week. Yes I may sacrifice readers but it's more time for family.

  9. I am a linker. I start at my regular blogs I "stalk" then link to other blogs that they might be featuring which leads me to another blog.....and so on. Even though I start off just looking at one blog I find some amazing blog just by linking but it is very time consuming. But thank you to all the ladies (and gentlemen) who take the time to post their stories, projects and info on their blogs. People do read them.