Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great Gift Idea: Digital Scrapbooks

I just finished making a Shutterfly album for my dad for Christmas. It's filled with pictures of him and the boys. I know he'll just love it! I made one for my husband for Father's Day, and it continues to be one of his all-time favorite gifts.

Digital scrapbooking is one of God's special mercies to us busy moms! Jesting aside, I find making an album online to be a complete help. My pictures are already on the computer, so all I have to do is upload them into Shutterfly (or whatever photo service you use), pick a book style, and load the pictures onto the pre-arranged layouts. You can add text boxes, play with background colors, pick a layout for each page based on the number of pictures you want per page, and more. They come out looking super slick, like a magazine with your child on every page!

About the pricing...I think it's very reasonable and perhaps even more economical than creating a scrapbook from scratch the "old-fashioned" way. Even at Hobby Lobby half-off, a scrapbook will cost $10. Then you have to add in the papers, stickers and letters (if you use them), plus the price of printing your pictures and any other scrapbooking supplies you'll need. Plus, it takes longer to do it this way. (That's why I haven't worked on a "real" album since my second boy was a baby). :(

Digital scrapbooking makes it so easy for me I just may get those baby books finished and still have time to put our other pictures into albums. And that works for me!

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  1. You can also print out your blog! I made my blog into a book last spring. IT was neat, like a diary about my family.