Monday, December 14, 2009

The Times in Which We Live

There are many issues that sadden me about our current culture--the steady turning away from God and Biblical Truth, the prevalence of abortion, the rise of relativism, and don't even get me started on the state of today's government.


There is so much to be thankful for about these times as well. For one, we don't have to settle this land. It's already been done for us.

Back East in the 1800's when the West was settled, newspapers called traveling the Oregon Trail "homicide." Many women and children, didn't dare head away from home. According to information in an historic trails museum about the settlers, women of faith were more likely to take risks other women weren't willing to and travel the trail with their husbands.

On the trail, the settlers encountered many hardships and heartaches. In one camp, 150 out of 156 people (including children) perished due to unexpected freezing weather. Accidents were very common--the most frequent involving children falling out of the wagon and getting injured or run over by the wheels. I was not aware that many Indians were actually quite friendly to the pioneers, until they saw them making more permanent settlements in their area.

As I looked at the exhibits and read the information in this museum this past weekend, I was just so struck by how blessed we truly are. We drive in our heated cars to our houses. I doubt we worry that our children may be crushed by the wheels on the way. When we move, we are not limited to only a few boxes and no more than 15 pounds to pack. When we, or our children, get sick, we have a variety of medicines with which we can treat ourselves; or we can pick up the telephone and call the doctor. Usually we can even get in that very day. We have never watched one of our children freeze to death, because their only set of clothes is frozen solid to their skin.

Sure we may have bad days, and struggles are a part of this life. Looking at our current culture can certainly be disheartening. But even so, we're still overwhelmingly blessed to live in these times.

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  1. Thanks for your post Cheryl...crazy enough, Jayden just got Oregon Trail from my Mom and we have been playing it...I will enjoy passing some of this info along to him

  2. Having "lived" at the pediatrician's office this week your post really hits home. Waiting rooms are boring but- watching your child suffer because there is no doctor or medicine.... Thanks for reminding me.