Sunday, January 3, 2010

Messy Monday: Dirty Laundry

How did this happen?!

(plus more upstairs)

Christmas! During the lead-up to Christmas, I spent more time in the kitchen and less time in the laundry room. Now I'm going to spend less time in the kitchen and more time in the laundry room.

Although I've been doing much better at getting my laundry put away right away, it's piling up on the front end--clearly.

When your laundry gets backed up like this, you could:

1) stop wearing clothes for awhile
2) since that's neither practical, modest, or legal, you could keep re-wearing the same clothes for awhile
3) since that's not realistic, you could work really hard on getting caught up.
4) You could also go to a laundromat (but the last time I did this, someone came in with basketfuls of urine-soaked clothing; I was pregnant and might now still gag at the vivid recall of the stench.

Since I haven't gotten over #4 yet, let's go with #3.

While you're working hard at getting caught up, even if you're working at 100% exertion, you'll have to slack in other areas, because there's only so much time a day. Sure, you could get up earlier than usual or stay up later than usual for a few days, but are you really going to do that to get caught up? I'm not.

I can tell you what I am going to do, though. I am going to create more time for laundry by taking away time from other areas. This week, we are going to be eating fairly simple fare. Paper plates sound pretty good right now. We're going to use them as much as possible.

This week, I also need to take a small break from posting. My laundry needs me! In addition to laundry, we are working hard to mail off our church cookbook. I'm chairing the committee, and it's keeping me real busy right now. We have over 600 tried-and-true family favorites, including some from Venezuela, Spain, Germany and Mexico, thanks to our missionaries there! It's going to be a great book to support our church's building fundraiser; I may just even have to give away a copy when it's all said and done. Stay tuned!
Washer, here I come!


  1. I too neglected this chore the last few days and will be spending much time in the laundry hole, I mean room, today. I am hoping that many hands (my children) make for light work....

  2. Hey! Thats how my laundry room looks!

  3. Oh, girl. I feel your pain. And I, too, am wondering "how did this happen?" to you I mean! *grin*. Your laundry tip has got me through the holidays on cloud nine. I guess this is a case of "practicing what we preach", hey? HOpe you get on top of it soon and rise victorious!