Sunday, February 21, 2010

Menu Planning: Planning Out all Meals

I cannot tell you how much it helps me to set aside a few minutes and plan in advance for all meals for the week. Usually I start by just jotting down items we already have (or meals I can make quickly from what we have on hand). If there's a recipe I want to try but don't have the ingredients, I'll put them on my grocery list (if they're fairly inexpensive) or watch for a sale (if they're more expensive). 

This week, I have just about everything already from stocking up when stuff was on a great sale. I ran to the store tonight, though, for the red beans, frozen spinach, cottage cheese, milk, tomato soup, cheese, and a few other items.

Monday:Oatmeal & grapefruit
Baked potato bar
Roast, potatoes, carrots

Oven Baked omelet, oranges
Grilled cheese, tomato soup
Shepherd's Pie (from leftover roast), salad

Waffles with berries and cottage cheese
Chicken salad, grapes, cherry jello
Chinese Chicken, rice, coleslaw

Thursday:Cereal, bananas
Steak and cheese quesadillas (leftover roast)
Potato cheese soup, biscuits

Lemon Poppyseed bread, fruit salad, yogurt
Pizza night

Pancakes, orange juice
Spinach quiche, glazed carrots
Fish, baked potatoes, peas, cherry cobbler

Oven pancakes
Chili-Cheese dip, chips
snacks and leftovers

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  1. I think everyone's having quesadillas this week! I may have to add that one to my menu. ;)Potatoe cheese soup sounds really good for a chilly night!

  2. I can attest to that! Planning out meals has saved us over $60 a week. We used to just go to the store and pick out what we wanted and ended up with a $100 bill each week (for two of us). Now we plan our meals and shop at Aldi and we spend about $40 per week. It's crazy.

  3. Your menu sounds delicious!! We are having cheesy potato soup this week too!!