Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Ultra-Frugal, Green, and Long-Lasting Powerhouse Cleaner

My mother has a certain magic when it comes to cleaning windows and other glass. The woman can get a streak-free shine every time. Same with stainless steel. We’re talking gleaming. I, on the other hand, could never quite seem to recapture her luck. Until now.
Now I have a little cleaning secret of my own.

It’s called a microfiber cleaning cloth. You’ve probably heard of it; chances are you even own one. Do you know what a wonder you possess?

my microfiber towel resting on the washer after a hard day's work

For $1 at the Dollar Tree (that’s redundant, I know:)), I bought myself this nice absorbent microfiber towel. I let my boys pick out their own colorful cleaning cloths, thinking they’d be more excited about helping me if they had their own special “tools.” It worked…for a few weeks. :) My oldest picked out orange (his favorite color), my middle picked out green (It’s currently missing in action), and my youngest…well, he just kind of watches the rest of us/me clean.

(The roses have absolutely nothing to do with the microfiber cloths, but I just had to show them off)  :)

Here’s what I love about it:

  • Replaces need for glass cleaner. Simply get a portion slightly damp, wipe any smudges, and dry with the dry portion of your towel. Your glass will shine (until your cloth gets dirty; then it will start to look streaky).
  • Great for shining stainless steel (just wipe and dry). Never before have I been able to achieve success in the shining-stainless-steel sector. I feel so proud. I've come so far. :)
  • Dusting
  • Wonderful for cleaning cabinet fronts. Again, you can use it slightly damp with elbow grease; or I spray on some Shaklee-Basic-H, and it works magic.
Cleaning with the right microfiber cloth will revolutionize the way you clean! Since it replaces the need for paper towels or newspaper, window cleaner, even furniture polish, it is super frugal and green. I’m so crazy about them, I’m heading to the Dollar Store to go buy me some more (not right now, since they’re closed, but you know what I mean). :)

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  1. I have been using these for a while now and love them! We even switched to using larger ones for kitchen towels...they are so thirsty when it comes to spills!


    Have you been using the Basic H long? I have been thinking of trying it out.

  2. I bought a few microfiber cloths and they pick up all the little junk and are super absorbant, which is fantastic, but I can't get them clean in the washing machine. Any tips for keeping them clean?

  3. Good idea! My hubby loves them for his chores, but I don't have any for mine! Happy Frugal Friday!

  4. Hi Niki! About Basic H--my mother has used it for years. She swears by the stuff. It is a little spendy, but you so versatile--you can use it for just about anything, and a little goes a loooonnnng way. Just 1/4 tsp. or something like that to 16 oz. of water, and you have a great multi-purpose cleaner. A few drops to a bottle for glass (works great). I use a T. to a gallon of water for mopping. It cuts through grease and grime really well (I cleaned my cabinets high up the other day). So I would give it a try!

    The Saved Quarter--
    Good question! I just try to rinse my out in warm water afterwards and run them through the washing machine every few times. I know you can't bleach them...but maybe a stain stick, or rub the stains with a laundry soap like Fels Naptha or Zote or Lava soap and see if that takes it out?? Maybe soak them in some Oxi Clean?? Good luck!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting a comment! It was actually this post that nudged me to buy the cloths when I found them! :-) I couldn't find them at my local Dollar Tree, and when I found them at Home Goods, I scooped them up. THANKS for the recommendation. I love mine.