Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Evening Blog Post: January Edition

For this month's Saturday Evening Blog Post, I am choosing "Even Though Your Husband's a Big Boy, He Still Needs You." This post came about after I received a comment bashing taking care of your husband, since "he's a big boy."

In the post, I failed to mention that neglecting your marriage so you can devote to caring for your children, does--in fact--neglect your children as well. Both my husband and I grew up in homes with much tension between our parents before they eventually divorced, and we paid the price for it. A strained marriage does cause emotional insecurity in children, even if parents think they're doing everything to dote on their kids. Take care of your marriage; everything else will fall in line. Plus, you'll have an ally to help you in the hardest job in the world: parenting.

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