Sunday, February 14, 2010

Messy Monday: Let It Be Messy and Go Do Something Fun!

I thought I should take this opportunity to clarify the reason behind our “Messy Monday: Tips for Getting It Together” posts. The intent in improving our homemaking is not so we can be militant housekeepers and keep a clean house at all costs. Rather, I aim to improve my homemaking to bless my family. The order is good for everyone’s spirits. Plus we can more easily invite friends over if we don’t have to have a major cleaning overhaul first. So I am doing my best to step it up a notch, and I share any housekeeping hints I learn along the way with you.That’s “Messy Monday” in a nutshell!

While it is a good principle to finish our work before our play, sometimes we need to put an intentional halt to the work. Lately I have been so occupied with housework that too many days have passed since I’ve taken time to play. So today, I encourage you to leave the mess, and go make some fun messes with your kids. Finger paint, make play-dough, bake something fun (gingerbread men are not just for Christmas as far as boys are concerned!), play a game, set up a camp, play toys with them, go somewhere fun.

Today let’s have a little reminder that people always trump things!
(And warn your husband first that he might come home to a little disorder! But I’m sure he won’t mind if you tell him you’ll all be in a great mood.) :)


  1. Great reminder! Our kids are young for only so long, I do want them to remember fun times and not just chores and school! We homeschool 4 days a week (grades 8.9.&12) and Fridays are chores in the morning and then fun time. Games, running errands,taking time to look at everything they want to in Walmart or wherever, watching videos, etc. We might also splurge and go out to eat lunch or get an ice cream.

  2. Hi Donna! Great idea to schedule a regular time each week for "fun" time! :) I know that would work well for me, so I wouldn't feel guilty for sticking to the work schedule the rest of the week, since I know there will be a special day coming--just not quite yet!