Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coffee Talk: Do You Ever "Put Your Feet Up?"

Coffee Talk Thursday

When either my mother or mother-in-law visits, she'll comment that I should "put my feet up" for awhile. It's an old-fashioned way of saying we should rest for a bit. But when do we as moms ever have time available to just sit down and do nothing but "put our feet up" for a few minutes? It's a luxury I don't feel I have available in the middle of the day.

But maybe we should make time to just put our feet up.

When I do actually take a few minutes to just sit, and not fold laundry at the same time, but just sit, I find it does help. It especially helps if I put my feet up. As I get older, they get sorer!

Someone told me recently that when her children were at home, they instituted a mandatory quiet time from 2-3:30pm. Little ones were either napping, or looking at books, and Mom was either reading or doing another stationary activity (like cross-stitch). That time seems to be a natural downtime in our house too, so I am giving myself permission to read, rest, and put my feet up during that time (as much as possible).

So, do you make time to put your feet up? And what does that look like in your house?


  1. Yes! I didn't always do that, and I was getting overwhelmed on a daily basis. In conversation with a wise friend, I realized that it's not selfish to take time to refresh myself. If I don't have a full heart, how can I take care of my family?

    I spend that time in different ways, depending on how the day is going. Sometimes I'll spend it in prayer and/or worship; sometimes I'll read; sometimes I'll rest; and sometimes I'll watch the Food Network.

  2. I do most days as well. Both my kids nap at the same time so it's much easier for me. I usually relax by doing projects, blogging, reading a book or playing a simple online game.

  3. Recently I have found it more a necessity than a choice but I usually try to take it easy for the last hour of my son's nap/quiet time. Sometimes I actually nap & at other times I will catch up on my online reading or do some digital scrapbooking. I think we all need a break in our day to get away from our jobs as mom/housekeeper. After all, if you work outside the home your employer is required to give you at least a 30 minute break so why shouldn't we give ourselves the same opportunity even though we work inside the home.

  4. We do the exact time as your friend... 2:00-3:30 the kids are intheir rooms, and I'm unapologetically relaxing - quiet time, computer, reading, or napping these days! It is gooood! I know that very soon (less than a week!) a tiny person will probably be monopolizing that time, so I'm enjoying it now.

  5. I love the idea of a mandatory quiet time for everyone! Too often I'm spending time telling the 4 year old to keep it down, and trying to rush chores through> And nothing gets done and I'm still stressed!