Sunday, June 13, 2010

Give Me Dirty Laundry

One of the things I love about laundry (wait, that's an oxymoron!) is OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. It's a mom-of-multiple-active-boys' best friend. Let me tell you why I love it so.

Recently, I was thrilled to find a pair of Gymboree khakis and a Gymboree button-down blue oxford shirt for my 1-year old at the thrift store for about $1 each. They had a few stains, but after soaking and then washing them with Oxi-Clean, those stains were gone. I was not so thrilled when said 1-year old took a blue Sharpie highlighter and wrote in giant circular motions all over said pants.

The thrill returned, however, when--upon soaking said pants in hot water and a scoop of Oxi-Clean for a few hours, and then washing them with a tad more Oxi-Clean plus my detergent--the marks were gone. Completely gone! Good as new.

In my house, really dirty clothes (and there are many) get soaked prior to washing in hot water with Oxi-Clean. I buy whatever detergent is around $2.99 (usually Purex or All), and add a quarter to a half scoop of Oxi-Clean with the wash. I find this removes almost all stains. Amazing. Simply amazing!

There are many more uses for Oxi-Clean, but I use it only for laundry right now. I usually buy it at Sam's Club, and it is around $15 for a very large box. I pour some out in an empty glass jar and keep it on my laundry shelf, refilling as needed.

As long as my boys keep getting dirty, I think I will keep buying the OxiClean! It also helps me save money, because if I find good-quality clothes at the thrift store (but with a few stains), I know I will be able to get them out. Give it a try sometime!

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  1. A friend just recently turned me on to the wonders of Oxi-Clean. It worked a miracle today when it removed a HUGE chocolate milk stain on my white capris! Chocolate on white pants! I thought they were ruined for sure, but after soaking then washing you can't even tell. Amazing stuff!

  2. we use Sun oxygen cleaner (which is the same except so much cheaper!) it really is good stuff and good in all my wash. plus, it's natural and safe.

    a little soak in that, plus sunning out on a clothesline, got MY yellowed christening dress good-as-new for my sweet baby girl to wear, 28 years after i did!

  3. I like that stuff too! But, I have had it discolor a few items! So be careful!