Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coffee Talk: What Do You Make When You Don't Feel Like Cooking?

It seems like it happens every summer: the desire to labor in the kitchen, creating a nice meal, is just not there when the temps are high. Aside from it being hot outside (and inside--we don't have air conditioning), I'm very pregnant, and I want to make something quick and easy. So what are some easy summer stand-by meals for those "don't-want-to-cook" nights?
  • Sloppy joes, salad
  • tacos or taco salad (it's great to have browned ground beef already to go in freezer baggies that you can just pull out, put in a pan, warm slowly with a little water and season accordingly)
  • Quesadillas
  • Putting chicken or another meat in the crockpot with BBQ sauce, Italian dressing, or another sauce
  • Eggs (veggie omelets, scrambled eggs--plain or with veggies and cheese)
  • Giving meat to my husband to grill
I'd love to hear your ideas for what you turn to for these hot summer nights when you have to feed your family but wish you didn't. :)


  1. One of the biggest summertime hits in our house is "Chicken Nugget Salad"....I make a simple green salad with the usual, lettuce, baby spinach, toms, cukes, green onions etc, and shredded cheese (must have the cheese) then throw 4 to 6 hot chicken nuggets on top, dress with ranch and enjoy...Even my future SIL would gobble this up while he was still in high school...Actually I would make a point to serve it whenever he was visiting for dinner because he is such a fussy eater.

    If you actually felt like cooking and going healthier, you could sub the chicken nuggets for homemade chicken fingers, breaded or grilled your choice.

    Another winner is grilled sandwiches made in the "jaffel" (Sandwich maker)...they are quick and easy...go great with reheated soup or on their own...Hubby likes ham/turkey/pickles/cheese...says they taste pretty close to a Cuban without the 3hr drive to Orlando lol.

  2. pancakes and bacon or sausage. Spaghetti is an easy peasy dish at my house. chicken Cesar salad.

  3. Hi! Check out my recipe page and scroll down to "Quick Fix Meals". (I'm in the process of reorganizing my recipe page so it will be easier)I hope it is helpful to you!
    Meal Planning is a serious issue with me. I have 6 boys,14 yrs-1 yr, then my hubby. They eat enough for grown men!My baby can eat a whole 6inch sub from Subway! I'm in trouble. I can never have enough food to satisfy them! Oh, wait and see! I don't see how the Duggars do it! And if you can see a pic of all of them you'll see they are quite fit young men! :)
    I found you through a link to your Raising Sons post. :o)