Friday, July 22, 2011

Mop 'N Slide

My floors haven't been this clean in quite some time. You could chalk it up to
pre-baby nesting, except I'm not the one who's doing it. In an effort to earn some money (I told the boys long ago I would pay them 50-cents for mopping the kitchen floor and they're trying to save up for gumballs, monster trucks and other toys), the boys have been mopping like mad. (Well, ok...two times in three days...but that's more than I was getting it done lately).

The product we're using must really be working, because the floors are squeaky clean. Slip and slide clean. So clean the dog can't even walk on them. She sits at the entrance to our kitchen/dining room, where the carpet meets the tile, gets down on all fours, and proceeds to try to step slowly, carefully, like the scene in Bambi of Thumper on ice. The boys have even come up with a game that they call "Slick and slide," where they get a running start from the living room and see how far they can slide on the kitchen floor. So far no badly wounded heads or broken bones.

So what are we using? Well, I wrote the other day how I found a bottle of "Mop 'N Shine" at the Dollar Tree. I figured, for only a dollar, I'd give it a try. Plus, if the kids can use it and do the chore, without having to deal with a bucket full of soapy water (think flash flood on the floor), so be it. So we bought the Mop 'N Shine, and the boys squirt it on the floor and mop it up with damp microfiber cloths that we clothespin on the Swiffer. (A more frugal way to get the job done).

They're earning money; I'm getting a squeaky clean floor. It's a win-win for everyone. Except the dog, that is...

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  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2011

    Your dog is most likely slipping from the wax build-up and not the cleanliness of it.