Sunday, January 23, 2011

Healthy $10 a Day Menus

Hope you had a nice weekend! Here's what's on the menu around here this week.

  • Coco-Wheats (kids' favorite, with a teaspoon of peanut butter mixed in their bowls), orange juice
  • Carrot Soup - a delicate French soup that is pureed and creamy, with bread and butter (I buy a big bag of carrots from Sam's Club for $1.48. This is a great recipe to use them up. I meant to make this a few weeks ago, but it didn't happen.)
  • Zesty Sausage Pasta (didn't make it this weekend), salad, Italian bread
  • Scrambled eggs, toast, mandarin oranges
  • Pasta leftovers
  • Rosemary roasted chicken, red potatoes, asparagus
  • English muffins, strawberry banana smoothies
  • Chicken salad sandwiches (from leftover roast chicken), grapes
  • Beans con Carne (like taco meat) in the crockpot over lettuce with sour cream, cheese, avocado
  • Oatmeal, orange juice, bananas
  • Turn leftover beans con carne into chili, cornbread
  • Chicken and noodles, mixed vegetables, busy day chocolate cake
  • Whole-wheat pancakes
  • Cowboy casserole
  • Parmesan-crusted tilapia
  • Broccoli, brown rice
Back-up if leftovers don't last:

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  1. I like your menu this week. It's especially nice to your lunch ideas, since that meal always perplexes me.