Monday, February 7, 2011

What's a Minute Worth?

A Woman After God's Own Heart®

Last week, I picked up my copy of A Woman After God's Own Heart and came across this quote in regard to time management:
"How much is a minute worth? It's priceless or worthless--depending on how you use it."

Thinking about the results that can be accomplished in a minute well spent reminded me of my housework rewards program  I brainstormed last year--not a real rewards program, but a fun idea to reward using each minute to its fullest.

In A Woman After God's Own Heart®, Elizabeth George writes about the wise woman who builds her house (Proverbs 14:10). Conversely, she asks "how can a woman pull down her own home?" She shares that a woman can cause great destruction actively--through anger and through speaking words that "break, destroy, ruin and kill."

Yet, a woman can also ruin her home by being too passive--by "simply failing to work." She writes, "We can slowly erode the foundation of our home by our laziness, by 'never getting around to it,' (whatever 'it' may be), by neglect, by forgetting to pay a bill or two, by successfully putting things off, by not spending enough time at home. Then there's the problem of too much--too much TV, too much reading, too much shopping, too much time with friends, too much time spent on the telephone, and the latest 'too much'--too much time on the Internet."

These words were quite convicting to me, and I made a recommitment to pack a little more work--a little more exertion-- into some of the minutes of my day. Elizabeth George challenges us to find at least one thing each day we can do to build our homes. What is that one thing for you today?

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