Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's The Problem?

Ok, so the title of that post sounds sassy, doesn't it? What I mean, though, is that when we are feeling frustrated--like something isn't right--in any area (parenting, marriage, housekeeping, etc.), the first step in solving the problem is to first figure out exactly what the problem is. Then we can make a plan to address it and work to improve it.

One housekeeping frustration I've been having lately concerns laundry. This system helps me stay on track with folding and putting laundry away. The problem is that everyday, I take all the dirty laundry down to the laundry room and empty the baskets there. Lately, this has been creating quite the pile on the floor. It looks quite a bit like this. Not a pretty sight.

So how do I solve the problem? I think for me the solution is to resist the urge to grab all the dirty laundry each day and dump it downstairs. Do set loads each day, and only gather up what fits in that load (colored, gentle, whites, etc).

Sure, there won't be clean and clear laundry hampers throughout the house. But I have a better chance of maintaining a clean and clear laundry room floor! Plus, it won't be such an embarrassment if an unexpected guest needs to use that bathroom.

I would love to hear how you keep laundry from piling up in your laundry room. Your systems may really help me (and others) too!


  1. A load (or 5!) a day keeps the CHAOS away! I believe this is a FlyLady quote.

  2. I experience the same thing. As the laundry mistress for a family of seven, I do an average of three loads a day. If I miss a day then I've got about five to do. My children are good at keeping dirty laundry in baskets or in the utility - but it gets piled all over the floor on a regular basis. Since this is also the side entrance to our house (from the driveway) we are always traipsing through dirty laundry. Drives me insane. We built this house a few years ago - in hindsight, I should have put the laundry area upstairs, which is where I must carry all the clean laundry every day. I offer no real solution, LOL! I don't think doing only one load at a time would work for me as I would get distracted. I fold my clean stuff right out of the dryer and it goes right into baskets to be put away. With one washing, one drying and folding right away, three loads get done in less than half a day.

  3. I wash the laundry as it appears, each night before bed I gather up the clothes in the bathrooms and the towels and throw them straight into the machine...Now we are down one adult with eldest moving out of home, I am finding that I am scrabbling to find a full large load...I only separate loads by dedicates and toughs...This helps to keep from having dirty laundry laying around...In the morning I will either run the washing machine then or if I run it at night I will switch the load to the drier in the morning.

    I am fortunate that hubby's greasy work uniforms are cleaned by a service provided by his job...we keep a separate hamper for his uniforms which he then takes with him to work on Tuesdays for drop off.

    All this does not how ever keep from having piles of unfolded clean laundry laying around...That is the laundry thorn in my side...Of course lil Sara loves to help with this by unfolding it the second I turn my back...though baskets are easier to hide when company comes, I simply remove them to the master bedroom lol

    Best of luck finding a system that works for your family.

    Blessings Kelsie

  4. I do laundry "by person." All 5 of the kids have their own clothes hamper. About once per week their full hamper gets washed. This is usually 1 load of lights and 1 load of darks. The big three (ages 13, 11, and 9) can do most of the washing, drying, folding and putting away by themselves all in the same day. My younger two (ages 4 and 3) are still required to help fold and match socks and then carry their piles to their room and "help" me put it away.

    Phil and I share a hamper and I wash our clothes every 4 days or so. With linens and towels added in, I usually have at least 2 loads per day.

    I love this system because I don't have to stop and think or check sizes of clothes (or argue with the kids about whose stuff is whose). My goal is to get better assigning days so that we don't run into those days when 3 people all need 2 loads each done.

    Works for me :).

  5. Hi!
    We are a family of five living in a two bedroom apartment. :) So, we have one hamper for all of us and we use cloth diapers so I wash laundry daily.

    When I wake up in the morning I bring the full hamper to the laundry room (it fills up in a day) and sort the laundry. I have a WONDERFUL cart (you can buy one at Walmart for $20) with three separate, large canvas bags that hang from it. (I actually posted a picture on my blog. Here is the link: http://frugalzealot.blogspot.com/2010/05/not-me-wednesday_12.html) Each bag has a label... one for whites, one for darks and one for delicates. I also have a separate hamper for towels. Once the dirty laundry is separated I throw a load in. By the time we are finished eating breakfast it is time to throw that load into the dryer and put the diapers in the wash.
    I fold items when they come out of the dryer to save from ironing things later. I wash 2 to 3 loads (incl. diapers) daily. It works for us. :)

  6. Dawna, I looked at your post. Cool picture of your baby's foot, by the way! I saw those carts advertised in the Menard's flyer once and thought about getting one. I will have to check at Walmart next time I am there. I think it could really help it look more organized. I like the idea of a separate hamper for towels.
    The good news is--I am making progress! I can now see the floor. About two more loads to empty the main hamper, and then I can bring the laundry from this week down and start all over again!!
    Thanks for sharing your systems, everyone!

  7. I wish that was my baby's foot... so darn cute! It was a pic off the web. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am glad you can see the floor,that always makes a Momma smile. :)