Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just For Fun

If you had a "Get Out of Any Chore Free" card, what would you pick and why?

My pick, hands-down and in a heartbeat, would be dishes and kitchen clean up after every meal. Whenever my mother or mother-in-law stays with us and takes this duty over, it's a small taste of heaven for me.

I once read that spouses are encouraged to write down the list of regular chores and assign each a number of 1-10 (one being least favorite). Then you could see if one of your #1's is one of your hubby's #10's (or somewhere close). Then you could see if he would be willing to do it all the time once in awhile. :)

So kitchen clean up is my #1. (Honey, are you reading this?). :)

What is your least favorite?


  1. My #1 would probably be paying bills (which you already do, so I could do the dinner mess and clean-up as long as you are o.k. with my schedule. Sometimes I leave it until morning (like tonight).

    Love your husband.

  2. I'll come do your dishes if you come do my laundry! HA!

  3. Yeah I agree with Lizz - dishes are nothing in my house compared to laundry -- and the view from the sink is so much better than the one near the dryer!! HA HA

    Try listening to a nice, upbeat Christian CD Cheryl - it will at least change your perspective :)

  4. Jodi, can you send me some good CD recommendations?? I'm not very good with keeping up with that sort of thing! :) Thanks!

  5. My least favorite is cleaning our "back room" or entryway. I have a Roomba vacuum which helps with the floors in the rest of the rooms. I don't run Roomba in the back room b/c it is so small and there is a lot of stuff in the way. I just hate cleaning it because things pile up and so much needs to be put away before I can even sweep it. My husband doesn't seem to mind doing it if I only leave him that and one or two other chores so it works for me!