Sunday, October 4, 2009

The New Look

So what do you think about the new look of Moms In Need of Mercy?
When blogs I read regularly get a face-lift, it tends to be a little jarring for me, as I've become so familiar with the way it was, and now it's different. It takes time to get used to. Kinda like when your best friend gets a dramatically different haircut. You have to remind yourself she's still the same, despite her changed appearance.
So it is here in my little corner of blog land.
A very talented graphic designer (with whom I share a very close relationship--hint, hint who:)) gave me this makeover. I love it! I hope you like it too, or that it will grow on you in a few days. :)

There is a story behind the picture, which I would love to share with you. My 4-year old son colored this butterfly picture for me one day. It was his best coloring ever, and he proudly presented it to me. As mothers in need of the Lord's constant mercy, that's what we're aiming to do: create bright beautiful butterflies out of those plain (and sometimes ugly) caterpillars. The caterpillars can represent negative character traits (in ourselves and our children), bad days, discipline issues, the messiness of life. And somehow, with God's grace, these struggles can become something beautiful.

When the caterpillar is in its cocoon, it seems like nothing is happening, like no progress is being made. Yet there is work happening under the surface.  The process of time reveals the transformation of those caterpillars into beautiful butterflies in beautiful gardens. We as mothers can look upon this metamorphose and know our work was not in vain, not even for a single second.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."-Galatians 6:9

So even when it seems all we see are the caterpillars and the cocoons, may God help us to cling tightly to the vision of what we are aiming for in our children.  A beautiful butterfly awaits!


  1. I think I have a lump in my throat.

  2. Looks great! Life has kept me away from the computer for over a month (except for little snippets here and there, but I never got to go blog visiting). Look forward to keeping in touch more now that the cold is coming.