Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday: Did You Do It?

While I did wake up at 5AM, I did not get out of bed at 5 AM, and I did not go to the stores at 5 AM; but I hear thousands of people did. I ran over to Walmart and Target at a more reasonable shopping hour of 8. I still found what I was looking for (a few toys for the kids), and I even saved a few dollars.

The cashier at Target told me the checkout line at 5 wrapped all the way around the store! Those were some serious shoppers. Why would anyone do that? I would actually pay to not stand in a line like that.

It appeared to me that most things were still in stock later in the morning (then again, I wasn't shopping any of the high-dollar electronics). Even if they weren't there anymore, could we have lived without them in the first place? My guess is probably yes. (Although if you were in the market for a new TV, DVD player, camera, IPod, etc., it does look like you could have saved lots of money if you took advantage of the Black Friday specials--and they were while supplies last.)

So while they say the early bird gets the worm, sometimes the straggler bird can still find plenty of good worms too...and there's more room to peck around.

Do you take advantage of Black Friday savings? Do you go super early? I'd love to hear your reasons for going (or staying home) and what you think about it all!


  1. couldn't pay me to go. we don't have it here in Canada but we have boxing day sales and you couldn't pay me to go to those eithers. I don't even go shopping on WEEKENDS, let alone days like that. Major stress.

  2. i went! i love shopping and the excitement of waking up early to do it and the opportunity to save some big money. this year i went by myself so it wasn't as much fun, but i did get the opportunity to spark up some pretty great and meaningful conversations with those waiting in line with me.


  3. For the first time my husband and I headed out bright and early. Our son wanted a Nintentendo DS lite which wasn't going to fit into the budget for us. We were able to find a pre-owned system in excellent condition at a great deal. I'm excited to see my son's face on Christmas morning when he gets a gift that he thinks just wasn't going to be his. (I feel a blog post coming on about God's unexpected gifts.)

    Aside from getting the one thing we got up at the crack of dawn to purchase, I had a lot of fun spending time with my husband, we found some great deals on some other gifts, and we paid with cash. We are working on getting out of debt and I loved being able to hand over cash instead of swiping the debit and/or credit card.

  4. Hi Kati and Stephenie--
    Congratulations, Stephenie, on your purchase! It sounds like you had a fun date with your husband :)
    I think the key to enjoying the morning must be in one's attitude--looking at it as fun and not a stress (to have to stand in line super long, try to walk through a store with hundreds of other people....etc)
    But like you said, Nichole, if we can't bring ourselves to get into the fun and frenzy, it's probably better for us to stay at home! So I guess we just need to know ourselves and know if we would do well on a shopping day like that or not!! :)

  5. No way -- and boy-oh-boy was I glad when I looked at the paper yesterday. I am even a huge morning person, but coffee and reading is so much more appealing at 5am than shopping.

    I suppose if there was something I really needed and it was only going to be at this fantastic price at this time, then maybe, but then again, I tend to value sanity and peace more than saving a buck or 10.

    I went to the mall in the afternoon, and it was suprisingly calm. Probably cause all those people that were up early had gone home to take a nap. Ha Ha