Sunday, November 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

My dad was visiting last week and took us out to eat many, many times, the generous man that he is. This week, as fun as it is trying to eat in a nice restaurant and corral three wiggly boys who like to spill things, I am looking forward to getting back to my own home-cookin'!

A few weeks ago, I prepped some freezer meals using my new Once-A-Month Cooking book. We will be eating some of those this week. Is it just me or does food always take longer to thaw in the fridge than they tell you? I need to plan at least two days for thawing, it seems.
*all things subject to my last minute impulsive changes but overall a good plan for the week :)

Monterey Jack Burgers, Ranch potato wedges, corn, milk
(boys--tons of Halloween it disappears; it does fall into a protein/carb/fat food group right?!) :)

Cream of Wheat, toast, blueberries, juice
Leftover burgers or pork sandwiches on rolls, applesauce, cooked carrots (maybe) :)
Chinese Chicken Morsels (from Once-a-Month Cooking), rice, grapes, milk
snacks: mandarin oranges, cottage cheese, other finds as I think of them and boys request them :)

English muffins, juice, bananas
French Stuffed Potatoes (From OAMC), caesar salad (if I get to the store to buy a bag; otherwise plan b)
snacks: graham crackers, fruit cocktail; apricot oatmeal cookies (if we get them made) :)

Cereal and juice
Potato Cheese soup, rolls, carrot, celery sticks
Herbed Chicken (OAMC recipe), oven-roasted broccoli, rice
snacks: bagels and peanut butter, apple slices

Scrambled eggs, toast, mandarin oranges
Mac and cheese, peas, bread & butter, milk
Parmesan Pork Chops, butternut squash, cauliflower steamed then sauteed in butter and bread crumbs (yum!)
snacks: make Master Mix and then make apple coffee cake, milk
(out of the master mix, I also want to try date-nut muffins. I'll let you know if it happens)

Cottage cheese, peaches, apple coffee cake
lunch date (?!)
Homemade pizza, salad, popcorn as a snack later
snacks: open to suggestions :)

Pancakes, eggs, bacon, juice
"find something and eat it" for lunch :)
Spaghetti, green beans, make french bread

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  1. You inspired me. I posted a detailed menu on my blog. Check it out! I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the idea.

  2. My stuff always takes -forever- to thaw in the fridge, too! I usually keep a shallow plastic container on the bottom shelf, and everything in that when I take it out of the freezer on Sunday. I've kind of learned to cook the meals that may not need to be -completely- thawed earlier in the week.