Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time Out for Tea

Today is a special day--my anniversary. Traditional gifts for the 7th anniversary are copper or wool. My wonderful husband surprised me with this beautiful copper tea kettle. Isn't it so shiny? :) The tea cups you see are my great find for the day: Danish Blue Eschenbach china. On a little walk with my boys to the corner thrift store today, I found this box of china with five plates, nine cups, ten saucers, and eight small bowls...for $5! I swooped it up (not literally, though...after all, I was wearing my baby in the Ergo carrier!).

Owning such a beautiful tea kettle and pretty china cups inspires me to create a daily tea time in my home (perhaps several). When little children wake up from naps groggy and perhaps a bit grouchy, and when older children no longer nap but still need some afternoon downtime, what better a way to revive everyone's spirits than by taking an afternoon tea time? If you felt motivated enough and had the time, you could even bake a little something to snack on with your tea--scones, oatmeal cookies, muffins, etc. When your husband arrives home, send the children to play, and share a cup of tea as you each talk about your day. Try to keep it uplifting! :)

Use your tea time to offer hospitality. Who can you invite over to share a cup of tea? I promise they'll be so blessed by your hospitality, encouragement, and interest in them (and their children) that they won't even notice (or care, if they do notice) that your house may not look like a page straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine.

When I was in college, I spent a semester in London, living and studying at a theological seminary which was once a grand mansion. Everyday, without fail, at 10 and at 3 (I believe), everyone stopped for tea time. We all gathered in the beautiful dining room overlooking a rolling hill several sheep grazed on and shared fellowship over cups of tea. It always left us feeling invigorated, revived and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

A warm cup of tea can minister to us on so many different levels. It's warm and soothing for our spirits, calming for our nerves, restful for our bodies, and relaxing for our minds. Taking time for tea also provides time for sharing among friends (or with our children), which kindles friendship and goodwill. No one has ever finished a cup of tea and felt to be in a worse mood than before sitting down for tea time.

Today I'm grateful for my new tea kettle and dainty cups. I'll be having tea with my boys at three. May I encourage you to take time for tea today too?


  1. Gorgeous kettle and wonderful thrift store find! We've made teatime an afternoon tradition several times a week and it's been such a blessing.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Can I participate with a white chocolate mocha instead ?? :)

  3. I LOVE that tea kettle! Your husband NEEDS to talk to my husband! We are having our 7th in February! Where did he find it????? LOVE it LOVE it. I am big on pretty things! :0) I could get use to having tea together. NOlan and I already have a habbit of having hot apple cider together late at night, just about every single night. I LOVE the natural stuff that comes in the jugs in the fridge section at WalMArt. Well I just love that tea kettle. It really is beautiful.

  4. Blessings to you and your tea parties! Awesome idea.