Sunday, November 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Did you perfectly execute last week's menu plan? I didn't either :) I never baked most of what I intended to--I'll try again this week! But by and large, having a menu plan--even when you veer from it--is still much more helpful than not having one and having to come up with meal ideas, say, 15 minutes before meal time!
Here's what we might probably will be eating this week!

Breakfast couscous with oranges and cranberries
Strawberry banana smoothies (mid-morning)
Leftovers for lunch
Bagels, cream cheese, apricots (snack)
Our anniversary! Dinner plan still unknown...
*Make blueberry muffins
*Make granola
*Make granola bars (at some point this week)

Oatmeal, brown sugar, raisins, juice
Chili Relleno Casserole, homemade hashbrowns (will I get them made?) or toast (plan b)
with carrot and celery sticks
Sloppy Joes, Ranch potato wedges, corn
Snacks: triple berry yogurt parfaits, whatever we get baked

Muffins, yogurt, bananas
Chili over fritos with cheese
PB &J, oranges--afternoon snack for the boys
Meal on the Run Pork Loin (OAMC recipe)
Butternut squash, rice
*make oatmeal apricot cookies

French Toast, grapefruit
Pork sandwiches, fried potatoes, salad
Cranberry chicken (our all-time favorite recipe!), rice, sugar snap peas or other green veggie

Breakfast casserole or Fried eggs, toast, juice
Roast beef wraps with shredded zucchini, lettuce, cheese
Family coming to visit--out to eat? Or eat at home? Still to be determined...

Pancakes, eggs, juice
Cranberry-orange scones and coffee (mid-morning)
sandwiches for lunch
Grilled London Broil, Baked Potatoes, Salad, french bread

Early Thanksgiving dinner
Candied Yams
Green bean casserole
Orange Tapioca Salad
Pumpkin dessert of some sort :)

Don't forget--there's still time to enter the drawing for the It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life giveaway! I'll draw Monday afternoon.

Visit for more menu plan ideas!

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  1. so maybe its the future RD in me, but i am so excited to see you meal planning! it really does make life so much easier and makes healthy eating a little bit more attainable. kudos!

    ~Kati, Hooks of Hope